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Furniture Training Company Receives Prestigious Training Award

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The Furniture Training Company was recently awarded the 2010 Best Educational Software Award (BESSIE) for having the “best vocational training website” by the ComputED Learning Center. Other training winners included Rosetta Stone, ABC- Clio, Plato Interactive, Pearson Longman, Compass Learning, and LetterPress Software.

The commendation recognizes the unique and powerful ability of the website to affect actual changes and states in part, “the Website is a streamlined vocational training tool with high quality, comprehensive videos and tutorials that simulate real life situations. The extensive courseware is appropriate for training managers who want to turn their staff into sales experts, storeowners who want to boost sales and increase profits, and sales associates who want to improve customer-relation techniques and sell more furniture.”

Mark Lacy, President of The Furniture Training Company, remarked, “We feel extremely honored to receive this year’s BESSIE award for being the best vocational training website. We set out almost ten years ago to take training for furniture retailers into the 21st Century by proving to them all of the benefits of elearning technology. With this award, I feel that we have truly shown the home furnishings industry that the time to embrace web-based furniture sales training has arrived.”

About The Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Awards: The Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Awards (http://computedgazette.com/page3.html) are awarded by the ComputED Gazette which is a publication of the ComputED Learning Center based in San Diego, California. The awards recognize innovative and content-rich programs and websites that use technology to foster educational and training excellence. Winners of this year’s BESSIE awards were selected from programs published by distingushed elearning companies from around the world such as Rosetta Stone, ABC- Clio, Plato Interactive, Pearson Longman, Compass Learning, LetterPress Software, etc.

About The Furniture Training Company: The Furniture Training Company (www.furnituretrainingcompany.com) provides a subscription-based training website to the retail furniture industry. Since 2001, they have provided training to hunderds of furniture retailers worldwide, from small single-store independents to large retail furniture chains and department stores. RoomStore, Cort Furniture, Baer's Furniture, Linder's Furniture, Hudson's Furniture, Gallery Furniture, Pilgrim Furniture, Highland Furniture, Chariho Furniture, Marlo Furniture, Star Furniture, Vermont Furniture Gallery, Continental Furniture, Dearden's , Olinde's, and RC Willey, are just a few of the retailers whose have used the training. Evaluation data from the website shows that nine out of ten salepeople increase their furniture sales with a training subscription.

For more details, visit http://www.FurnitureTrainingCompany.com.

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