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Armen Living Expands Manufacturing Capacity

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Los Angeles-based Armen Living, importer and manufacturer of contemporary furniture, announced that it is undertaking a massive expansion in production capacity by quadrupling its manufacturing facilities in China to keep up with increased demand for their products.

The manufacturer recently completed a massive re-branding campaign, including changing their name from Armen Art Furniture.  In fall of 2009, Armen Living redirected its product line focus and launched 100 new items, the largest product introduction in the company’s 32-year history.  This helped the manufacturer capture significant market share, and the increase in demand from existing and new clients impacted the timing of Armen Living’s original plans for expansion.

"The economy presented an interesting opportunity for growth that Armen Living could not resist and resulted in us quadrupling our production in order to reduce stock-outs and meet current and future demand," said Kevin Kevonian, president and owner of Armen Living.  Kevonian founded the factory, located in the Chinese city of Dongguan, as a joint venture in 2004.  It is known as MeiYi Furniture Co. Ltd. The factory has proven extremely valuable for the parent company as more than 80% of its products are manufactured there, with the remainder sourced from factories in Europe.

After having signed the new lease for the factory in March, Kevonian proclaimed, "Armen Living and MeiYi Furniture are thrilled with the surge in demand from our global customer base, even though it was overwhelming at times.  We are looking forward to the increased production coming online in June to meet the rise in orders for our new product lines." The new factory will measure over 200,000 square feet and employ 500 workers. 

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.armenliving.com. 

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