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Martin Ploy Named New AICO President

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AICO/Amini Innovation, Corp. announced that Martin Ploy has been promoted to President, replacing Larry Rinaldi who recently retired. Ploy has been with the company for 8 years, and held the position of Executive Vice President for the past 5 years. 

Before coming to AICO, Ploy’s past experiences included many diverse aspects of the furniture industry. After two years in manufacturing at Maywood Furniture, he learned the retail business during his 17 years at RB Furniture, where he eventually became Executive Vice President of the 77-store chain. He left to go into wholesale, where he held key executive positions with both Kanowsky Furniture, and BenchCraft Furniture.  Ploy then returned to retail as President of Krause’s Sofa Factory before being convinced by Amini to join him at AICO in 2002. 

AICO founder and CEO, Michael Amini is proud to announce Ploy’s promotion, "Martin’s manufacturing, retail, sales, marketing and managerial background has allowed him to know all of the varied aspects of business.  His broad breadth of experiences has always provided us with a unique and solid perspective as to how we should value our employees, customers and our suppliers, with an aggressive drive and critical eye on building our business for the future.  Additionally, he is intimately familiar with the dynamics and unique culture of our company. His pleasant personality, and ‘do it now’ manor has achieved great credibility with our employees, sales people and our customers. There are very few people in the furniture industry who don’t know and enjoy Martin’s interpersonal style and his intimate caring for both their business and personal success. I have no doubt that Martin’s leadership will help take our company to new heights of success with increased consumer awareness, continued growth of customer appreciation and the reputation of attracting the best people available to keep the momentum moving ahead at AICO." 

"I am very honored and excited about heading up such an extraordinary organization as AICO," said Ploy.  "The wonderful team of people here, the overflowing of talent, and the committed loyalty and pride of everyone is a reflection of the unique leadership Michael provides. The only thing that exceeds his business acumen and his unending creativity is the enormity of his heart." 

One of Ploy’s first responsibilities will be to analyze and oversee the strategic realignment of the company, which will include making some key internal moves, as well as adding certain needed positions. Ploy says, "With the huge success of the recent collaboration between Michael and Jane Seymour, we must stay focused on our furniture merchandising, presentation, marketing and greater recognition of our brand.  We will need to expand our team…and our thinking about taking our current momentum and using it as a springboard for achieving the next level." 

Ploy continues, "Michael Amini has achieved an enviable reputation for creative and original designs, innovative features, and a high level of customer awareness, but to maintain the highest level of customer expectation and satisfaction, we will need to have even more uniquely gifted and talented people.  AICO has grown rapidly in 22 years, but the critical nature of continued growth and the commitment to forward expansion requires a relentless pursuit that should never slow or stall-out because of new levels of achievement. Michael Amini is on a constant expedition to find the very best product, the very best people, and to provide his customers with the highest level of sales, profitability and satisfaction." Ploy adds,  "I’m glad I am intimately involved…I like it!" 

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