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Planned Furniture Promotions Launches New Website

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Planned Furniture Promotions, Inc., a high-impact event company, announced that it has launched a top to bottom redesigned business to business website that will be immensely useful and informative for furniture retailers.   The website, www.pfpromotions.comis interactive, easy to navigate, provides tools to help retailers analyze their business, and answers almost every question that retailers might have about high impact sales.   

One of the most useful tools on the site is the state of the art audio players.  A user can simply click on an icon to listen to recordings of former clients of Planned Furniture Promotions offering details about their experience during and after their high-impact event.   Roy Hester, Sr. VP for Planned Furniture Promotions said "We caught most of these folks completely off guard.  We called and asked them to tell their story, in their own words, unrehearsed and from the heart."   There are currently 11 recordings, but Planned Furniture Promotions plans to add several more in the near future.     

"A retailer can use the interactive Business Health Check to determine if they need Planned Furniture Promotions' services" said Burt Homonoff, Sr. VP for the company.   "There are a series of simple questions with check box answers.  The questions allow a retailer to self diagnose his or her operation and it’s all anonymous" added Homonoff.   

In addition to the above features, the company has also added scanned copies of the original letters of recommendation from prior clients.  "We have literally hundreds of letters and testimonials that we could have posted" said Tom Liddell, VP, Sales & Marketing.  "We chose a few that show a cross section of the many retailers that we’ve served" added Liddell.   Planned Furniture Promotions felt that it was important to offer examples from the large national and regional chains as well as the medium and smaller independents that it has conducted events for.   

The site relays the story of how Gene Rosenberg and Paul Cohen partnered together and founded the company in 1962, both of whom are still active in Planned Furniture Promotions today.  Biographies of each of the event consultants are offered as well as a handy Question and Answer section.  The company will be adding a complete video section in the near future.    

Planned Furniture Promotions is also developing a separate secure portal that will generate detailed information to its clients.  These live event tracking reports will be e-mailed or faxed to clients automatically to better allow them to monitor all aspects of the sale promotion events being conducted by Planned Furniture Promotions on their behalf.  There will be tools added for Planned Furniture Promotions' managers and office staff as well to ensure and continue the superb service that the company provides its clients.  The site was developed by David Lively’s company, The Lively Merchant, a division of Imagine Retailer. To view the entire site, please visit www.pfpromotions.com.   

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