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MDS Launches Fabrics with New Hand Embroidery Techniques from India

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MDS (MDS Fabrics) known for the exquisite hand embroidered Crewel Embroidered Fabrics announced that it is set to launch 10 fabrics that are created using very popular traditional Indian hand embroidery techniques such as Chican, Aari and Adda at the upcoming ITMA showtime in June.

These traditional embroidery techniques are being used to develop patterns ranging from traditional Jacobean florals to modern patterns with the signature MDS’s passion for color. The base fabrics used are natural fabrics like linen with 100% cotton thread for embroidery. This combination is set to provide great collection decorative fabrics suitable for upholstery and drapery.  

"Our continued efforts to bring traditional art and craft forms into commercial production and distribute globally has been very well received by our customers" said Sunil Eamani, vice president, Marketing at MDS. "MDS's experience in manufacturing hand made fabrics, and the ability to meet the demands of a commercial production combined with the modern distribution techniques will help bring these beautiful fabrics into the global market."

Many of the customers who use the exquisite fabrics have seen great success and huge margins because of the beauty of these products. In a market flooded with textiles, these products stand out and deliver value and profits to the customers and long-term value to the end customers.

"MDS is committed to bringing the most exquisite fabrics in the decorative fabrics industry to help spur the growth engines for our retailers, furniture and bedding manufacturers, designers and Jobbers who serve the residential, commercial and hospitality segments," said Sumitha Kandimalla, President and CEO of MDS. "Through our close relationships with our customers we hope to achieve great success and good feedback to bring more art forms to life."

See the new fabrics being launched at the link below or for more information email service@mdsfabrics.com 


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