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Furniture Training Company Selected To Train UK, Australian and New Zealand Furniture Salespeople

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The Furniture Training Company announced that it has been selected by RetailSystem.Com, an internet company offering fully integrated backend management systems for furniture retailers worldwide, as the online training provider for their United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand based home furnishings retailers.
“We couldn't be more excited to partner with the FTC and begin to offer their furniture training to our client retailers,” says Stephen Smith, founder of RetailSystem.com. “RetailSystem.com was conceived from the retailer’s viewpoint and focuses on putting customer service FIRST. With this focus, we have been incredibly impressed with how easy the FTC training is for busy retailers to implement and track progress, the quality of their ever-growing library of furniture training lessons, and the low-cost of the training. Even more impressive is that over 90% of the many thousands of furniture salespeople they train on their furniture training website increase their furniture sales.”
Mike Petersen, VP Marketing, FTC commented, "Since RetailSystem.Com is a premier provider of online management services to furniture retailers in Europe and Eurasia, it’s a natural partnership opportunity for us. We look forward to bringing the internet-delivered furniture training lessons we currently provide to hundreds of U.S. and Canadian retailers to their home furnishings clients in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Helping RetailSystem.com to better train their clients’ salespeople in furniture product knowledge, furniture selling techniques, and room design skills will be the focus of our contribution to their success."
About The Furniture Training Company: The Furniture Training Company (
www.furnituretraining.com) provides a subscription-based training website to the retail furniture industry. Since 2001, they have provided training to hundreds of furniture retailers worldwide, from small single-store independents to large retail furniture chains and department stores. RoomStore, Cort Furniture, Baer's Furniture, Linder's Furniture, Hudson's Furniture, Dufresne furniture, Gallery Furniture, Pilgrim Furniture, Highland Furniture, Chariho Furniture, Marlo Furniture, Ivan Smith Furniture, Vermont Furniture Gallery, Continental Furniture, Dearden's, Olinde's, Macy’s Inc., and RC Willey, are just a few of the retailers with the training. Evaluation data from the website shows that nine out of ten salespeople increase their furniture sales using the $20 monthly training subscriptions.
About Retailsystem.com:
Retailsystem.com (www.retailsystem.com) has been providing its unique utilityware (www.utilityware.com) to European customers since 2004. Their clients gain access to an enterprise edition software system for a fraction of the cost of building and installing one themselves. This low cost solution has proved so popular with furniture and bed retailers that Retailsystem.com has grown steadily at a rate of over 35% per year since.

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