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Weekly Furniture Message From Margo - Reaching Out with Confidence

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Whether you are a sales consultant, a speaker, a PR professional, a coach, or an interior designer, confidence and connection are a must for your business and sales success. With them you have nothing to tie you to your prospects and customers in an emotional way (that’s right, emotion is always a part of the process).

Click on the link below to hear a 9 minute and 38 second audio (an except from my business training for Certified Interior Environment Coaches at http://www.DecoratingForProfits.com).  This short talk  will help new as well as seasoned sales consultants and a variety of other professionals from just about every filed of endeavor.

Listen when you have a chance, and if you don’t have 10 minutes, then play it on fast speed and listen that way (I do that all the time).

This audio is especially good for new sales consultants, so business owners, let your employees and sales staff take a listen, too.


Have a Wildly Confident and Connected Week,




Margarett (Margo) DeGange, M.Ed. is a Business and Design Coach in the Home Fashions Industry. She creates and delivers custom training programs for managed businesses and their sales consultants to help them communicate better with customers and increase sales and profits. Margarett is a Writer and Professional Speaker, and the President of The DeGangi Group and The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration, with both on sight and on-line courses in Interior Decorating, Marketing, and Redesign. For almost 20 years she has helped individuals and managed business owners in the interior fashions and decorating industries to earn more while fully enjoying the process.

Two of Margo’s popular products for furniture store owners and their sales professionals are The Decorating School Crash Course Power-Ed Pack (9 design lessons on video/audio with 12 hours of content), and the matching Decorating School Crash Course Learner Files to measure learning, provide added interactivity, and motivate sales consultants to own their opportunities for growth.

Visit Margo DeGange’s website at www.DecoratingForProfits.com  for more information. Send email and questions to her at Margarett@furninfo.com.

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