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Big Drawers Furniture Introduces Eastern Shore Furniture Line

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Norfolk, Virgina based Big Drawers Furniture announced that the fishing and farming villages of Virginia’s Lower Eastern Shore serve as the design inspiration of the newest line of furniture now being offered by the manufacturer of oversized and elegantly styled chests of drawers and other indoor pieces.

“The Eastern Shore of Virginia is coming into its own as a region identifiable for high-quality living and for its own discernable style,” says Andy Steinberg, Big Drawers’ owner and designer. “The Eastern Shore Furniture Line is diverse but reflects the common thread of heritage, wood acquired from managed forests and reclamation sites throughout the world, and commitment to high-quality handcraftsmanship.”

Steinberg describes the five styles as:

  • The Cape Charles. The town was named after England’s King Charles and is “the most classic style,” Steinberg says. “Simple, classic lines and raised panels.”
  • The Seaview. This style, named after a fishing village on the Shore’s oceanside, incorporates Mediterranean features found in two seaside countries, France and Italy. Tapered, octagonal legs are a feature of this style.
  • The Marionville. “Marion and ville are French names,” says Steinberg. “Put together they form an Eastern Shore town name. Marionville furniture is influenced by Louis Philippe – it truly fits the Big Drawers concept at 52 inches tall instead of the usual 48 or 49. It will stand out!”
  • The Kiptopeke. Like the Native Americans who endowed the tip of the Eastern Shore with that name, Kiptopeke furniture tends toward simplicity rather than adornment, with straightforward lines that allow the piece to stand comfortably amid any type of décor.
  • The Cheriton. The newest of Big Drawers’ Eastern Shore styles, it is “still a work in progress,” says Steinberg. One certainty is its Asian influences, informed by the Chesapeake region’s early role in imports and exports from and to lands still being charted at the time of this region’s settlement.

Based in Norfolk, Big Drawers Furniture creates custom-built, heirloom-quality hardwood chests of drawers, entertainment centers, book cases, vanities and one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces. The company’s specialty is creating “big-drawer” chests, with each drawer capable of holding 40 golf shirts or their equivalent. For more information, visit www.bigdrawers.com.

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