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Simply Amish Introduces Six New Collections For Las Vegas Show

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Simply Amish announced that the Amish may live in the country, but that isn’t the only style of furniture they make. To prove this point, Simply Amish is releasing seven cutting-edge collections that champion its time-honored philosophy: “Many Styles. One Standard.”

“These collections are more than anyone would expect from a company with ‘Amish’ in its name,” said cofounder Kevin Kauffman. “This will take us well out of the ‘country’ and into more mainstream America.”

"Some things, like quality and attention to detail, will never change when it comes to Simply Amish products," said Mr Kauffman.  "But, style and consumer trends do. Thus, the furniture firm is building on its well-established roots by branching out with new designs."

The Audri Collection™ is a bold contemporary design with strong and simple lines, elegant curves and a two tone finish. Audri proves that simplicity need not come at the expense of beauty.

The Braden Collection™ is another larger-than-life collection from Simply Amish. Like last year’s Brookfield Collection™, Braden combines stately lines with the delicate accents.

The Justine Collection™ was designed for those who long for the solid and clean shapes made popular by European designers in the mid 1900’s. With a succinct lines and simple detailing.

The Louis Phillipe Collection is a style that has been around for a long time, but not with this level of quality or attention to detail. It is a frequently requested style that Simply Amish is proud to offer. This collection is available for the bedroom only.

A little closer to home are the two new Arts and Crafts / Mission lines. First is the Grant Collection™. Grant’s fine details and warm, stained-glass options make its beauty second to none.

The MäRyan Collection™ is an Art and Crafts line that has been done in an extraordinary fashion. With heavy corbels and other elaborate accents, these pieces will stand the test of time.

Simply Amish’s answer to customers’ demand for quality at a lower price point is The Georgia Collection™. It follows a style similar to the firm’s existing Savannah Collection™, but with a bit less detail. Each piece has the same quality contruction that makes Simply Amish furniture last for generations.

For more information email kkaufffman@simplyamish.com or visit their showrooms in Las Vegas, WMC C1112 and High Point.


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