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DPC To Introduce Make-Your-Own-Pillow Concept At Las Vegas Market

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durable products company, the producer of EcoSleep™ and Everloft™ announced that it is offering retailers the opportunity to transform their retail sell space into a memorable consumer experience with the Dream Machine, a made to order pillow kiosk being introduced and demonstrated at showroom space B906 at the Las Vegas Market, August 2-6, 2010. 

Similar to the popular “Build-a-Bear Workshop” concept, consumers identify their sleeping position, select their firmness preference and custom embroidery message, and then watch as their personalized pillow is filled, sewn and fluffed. 

“This in-store model has huge draw for any store looking to differentiate itself with an exclusive and unique customer experience,” said dpc owner, Dave R. Young. “We understand that retailing today demands entertainment and when the customer audience has fun they spend more money, make repeat purchases, and tell their friends. The Dream Machine combines consumer entertainment with interaction and visual excitement while offering the customization and instant gratification that today’s consumer craves and demands.”  

The concept, which has been beta tested at several retail locations across the country, provides its licensees with a 70 percent gross profit margin and can increase yearly profits for retailers by as much as 10 percent.  

“The Dream Machine license is a valuable investment. The intimacy of the in-store experience offers an opportunity for salespeople to create a personal relationship with their consumer,” said Young. “By leveraging existing floor space and staffing, retailers can enhance customer experience and broadening their customer base by leaping into the gift market. With its personalized and interactive elements, a store’s floor becomes a retail theater not seen anywhere else.”

Apart from mattress retailers, the marketing opportunities and kiosk licenses for the Dream Machine are extensive, including specialty sleep shops, mall-based kiosks, premium design showrooms, chiropractor offices, and even boutique hotels.

Dream Machine pillows are designed in collaboration with a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor, containing a plush, hybrid blend of double-fluffed 100% duck down and globally patented Everlon®. Each Everlon flake features its own unique tension and built-in memory so the pillow offerings go well beyond the standard choices of soft, medium and hard.  The size and design of the pillow is adapted to the individual, depending on body type and sleep position preference. 

“Pillows from the Dream Machine are a perfect mix of luxury and necessity. In addition to providing the customer with entertainment and the power of choice, each is ergonomically designed for a healthy, comfortable night’s sleep,” Young added.    

Consumers are given the opportunity to have their pillow made with a monogrammed outer shell and to select an aromatic, sleep-inducing sachet, which gradually releases their choice of scent throughout the night.  The pillows have a suggested retail price range of $129 - $149 and are available in the most popular sizes: queen, king, boudoir/travel pillow, and side sleeper.  

dpc LLC was founded by Dave R. Young, an established professional in the sleep products industry.  With the vision of creating a unique consumer experience and product, The Dream Machine was developed to leverage existing retail overheads and build consumer excitement.  This patent pending, on-demand pillow concept has successfully allowed retailers nationwide to reach into the gift category by offering the personalization today’s premium customer demands.

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