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New Larger Showroom for Eclipse International and Eastman House At Las Vegas Market

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Eclipse International and Eastman House announced that earlier this year, they  opened a new larger showroom at the World Market Center and will contimue their “Grand Opening Year” at the upcoming market in August 2010.

In addition to the Eclipse and Eastman House lines, there will also be two new ventures unveiled at this upcoming market. “We are encouraging everyone to stop by and see the latest additions to our new showroom.” comments Eclipse president, Matthew Connolly.

Eclipse International will feature its latest patent pending “Zoned Quilt Technology” line and Green Organic Cotton Line. The new Eclipse “Zoned Quilt Technology” employs a densified quilt pattern to eliminate body impression and provide additional support to the middle third of the mattress (the lumbar region). This specialized zoned quilt pattern pre-compresses the cushioning materials in the center third of the mattress to eliminate the potential for foam breakdown and to provide additional support to the area most commonly associated with body impression.

The patent pending “Zoned Quilt Technology” is used in conjunction with the patented Eclipse Spinal Zone Sleep System. Located inside the mattress, the Spinal Zone Sleep System has been shown, in two clinical studies, to reduce back pain and back stiffness while improving quality of sleep. When used together, the “Zoned Quilt Technology” adds to the proven benefits of the Spinal Zone Sleep System while creating a clearer picture (for the customer) of the location of the Spinal Zone unit and the benefits it provides. A difference they can see and feel!

Eastman House will be featuring their ultra-premium collection of “eco-friendly” inner-tufted and hand tufted sets. These new sets will be competitively priced.

Eclipse International is a bedding manufacturing cooperative, using manufacturing and marketing expertise to develop scientifically advanced bedding systems. Eclipse crafted the clinically proven and patented Spinal Zone, Spinal Zone 2, Lumbar Zone, Allergy Free, and LifEdge perimeter support systems. In May 2000, Stuart Carlitz, President of Bedding Industries of America and Mattress Development Company, acquired Eclipse and all intellectual properties and began licensing it around the world.

The mission of Eclipse is to provide ongoing research, product development, patented design and marketing innovation to develop unparalleled sleep products for healthy sleep.

Eastman House, originally the flagship line of the Chittenden and Eastman Company was founded in 1866. Over the past 142 years, the company has developed the reputation of producing the highest quality mattresses with unrivaled comfort, support and durability. In late 2007, Mattress Development Company (the parent company of Eclipse International) purchased Eastman House and began licensing the ultra premium brand to mattress manufacturers around the world. For additional information, please contact Mr. Stuart Carlitz at Eclipse International/Eastman House Headquarters at 800-634-8434 or by email at BedShop@aol.com.

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