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Laneventure & Brown Jordan Announce Changes At IHFC High Point

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Laneventure and Brown Jordan announced major changes at the IHFC.  Laneventure will relocate its showroom to a new space on the first floor of IHFC's Main Wing, M108.  Brown Jordan, also on the first floor of Main Wing space M111, announced a high six-figure remodel to its showroom space.

"We are making this investment in our showroom because we have one of the best locations at the most important market," said Steve Elton, Vice President of Sales and Brand Opportunity, at Brown Jordan.  "We view High Point as critical to our marketing strategy so we are committed to being there in a dynamic way.  It is the only show where all the major furniture store buyers attend."

Gary McCray, President at Laneventure, agreed: "High Point is where it happens for us. We have an exceptional space at the IHFC, really the only space of its kind.  We know we will see the most important buyers, which is why we are putting so much into this move and into the new showroom."

In many ways, the breadth of manufacturers exhibiting at the IHFC creates a destination for buyers in the Casual category. In addition to Laneventure and Brown Jordan, Barlow Tyrie, Uwharrie Chair, JANUS et Cie and Veneman Collections are also on the first floor of Main Wing. As well, in InterHall, which is also on the IHFC’s first floor, buyers will find Gloster Furniture, Kannoa, Kingsley-Bate, Selamat Designs, Artesia and Ancient Mosaic Studios; on the third floor in the Wrenn Wing, Whitecraft, Inc., and Acacia Home & Garden; Fishtales and Mainly Baskets are located in Pavilions on Main 3.

About IHFC: Opening in 1921, IHFC was the original showroom building in High Point and after 87 years of expansion remains the centerpiece of the world’s largest home-furnishings trade show that attracts more than 90,000 participants twice a year to 2,000 showrooms covering 11.5 million square feet. IHFC alone is home to 650 of the leading home-furnishings manufacturers, including 13 of the top 20 companies, and covers 3.5 million square feet.

About Brown Jordan: Since 1945, Brown Jordan has designed iconic leisure furnishings that defined and transformed an industry. Today, the Brown Jordan portfolio features more than 30 collections in a range of design styles and material. Distinctive silhouettes are hand- and machine-crafted into high quality furnishings that enhance traditional, transitional, and contemporary environments. Our collections are appropriate for residential and contract environments, both indoors and out. Known for producing stylish, award-winning designs, we have built a reputation on more than 60 years as the industry leader in innovation and design integrity.

About Laneventure: Since their inception in 1972, Laneventure has offered casual home furnishings that are fun, fashionable and functional.  The addition of the WeatherMater line brought these same attributes to outdoor furnishings and established the company as a leader in the outdoor furniture market.  The parent company, Furniture Brand International, one of America’s largest furniture marketers, provide the resources to maintain our commitment to excellence.  Laneventure is built upon a reputation of innovation, quality and character, and they stand behind every single product that they make.  You can be sure each item will remain beautiful through the rigors of everyday living.

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