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WithIt Announces Leggett Platt as Top Sponsor for Conference

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WithIt, the women’s leadership network serving the home and furnishings industries,  announced that Leggett & Platt is top sponsor for “Leadership2: Take it to the Next Level,” the non-profit’s annual education conference.

The title sponsor is showcased throughout the three-day event, Aug. 17-19, which delivers leadership development, business networking, and professional and personal growth opportunities for professionals in the home and furnishings industries.

“Recognizing the significant role that women play in our industry, Leggett & Platt is proud to be a sponsor of WithIt’s annual education conference,” said Mark Quinn, Segment Vice President of Marketing for the residential furnishings segment of Leggett & Platt. “It is important that we continue to strengthen our ties with organizations such as WithIt to help foster the growth of the women in our industry and attract future female talent.”

Leggett & Platt’s generous support of the annual education conference dovetails WithIt’s mission to support the development and success of female leaders at all stages of their careers and in all product categories, including the bedding, home and furnishings segments.

“We’ve noticed interest in encouraging top female talent to consider employment in the bedding industry,” according to WithIt 2010 President Stephanie Lowder.

“Collaboration with WithIt offers one solution. Since our founding in 1997, we have seen an increase in female talent at our supporting companies in home and furnishings, and we are reaching out to every industry segment where there is need.”

Leggett & Platt’s support of WithIt acknowledges the influence of the female consumer at retail, too.

“We know how important women are when it comes to purchasing mattresses, bedding accessories and furniture,” Quinn said. “This fact was the theme for a recent industry conference dedicated to the bedding segment. Women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to our products, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways of connecting with this influential group.”

Leggett & Platt is joined by additional 2010 leadership conference sponsors, including: BDI, Furniture/Today, Home Furnishings Business, World Market Center Las Vegas and Wray Ward. “We thank Leggett & Platt and all our sponsors whose generosity helps us keep this work going,” Lowder said.

“Leadership 2: Take it to the Next Level” will be held Aug. 17-19 at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel in Charlotte, NC. For registration and lodging information, visit www.withit.org.

WithIt, founded in 1997, is a women’s leadership development network serving the home and furnishings industries. WithIt is hosting “Meet the Minds in Luxury Residential Interiors” on Monday, Aug. 2 from 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. during the Las Vegas Market. The presentation and reception will be held in World Market Center-Las Vegas Building B, 16th floor, Club 16.

Leggett & Platt (NYSE: LEG) is a diversified manufacturer (and member of the S&P 500) that conceives, designs and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products that can be found in most homes, offices and automobiles. Leggett & Platt serves a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of U.S. manufacturers and retailers. The 127-year-old company (founded 1883) is comprised of 19 business units, 19,000 employeepartners, and more than 140 facilities located in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt is North America’s leading independent manufacturer of: a) components for residential furniture and bedding; b) components for office furniture; c) drawn steel wire; d) automotive seat support and lumbar systems; e) carpet underlay; f) adjustable beds; and g) bedding industry machinery for wire forming, sewing and quilting.

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