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WHFA & NHFA Announce 2010 Las Vegas Summer Market Seminar and Business Survival Academy Series

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The Western Home Furnishings Association (WHFA) and National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA), announced the release of their Summer Market educational seminar schedule. The Retailer Resource Center (RRC), located in World Market Center B-1630 and C-496, is the retailers

During Market, the RRC will host a powerful selection of industry speakers on a diverse range of specific retail issues. These complimentary workshops are designed to motivate, educate and accommodate busy buyer schedules while still providing a wealth of quality information.

WHFA and NHFA have once again partnered with the World Market Center to offer the WHFA Academy Business Survival Academy Series on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning in the World Forum Room, 16th floor of Building B. MondayOther sessions held in the Retailer Resource Center will feature topics such as sales and sales management, delivery tips, advertising, promotions and much more.

WHFA & NHFA seminars are offered Monday, August 2, 2010 through Thursday, August 5, 2010 at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

For more information about the Retailer Resource Center or the seminar series, please visit www.WHFA.org or call (800) 422-3778.

A complete listing of the dates and times of WHFA & NHFA seminars follows:

All seminars are in the WHFA/NHFA Retailer Resource Center, B-1630 unless otherwise noted.

Monday, August 2


The 12 R

Philip Gutsell, GutSELL & Associates

The three R


Free Advertising for Less Than 2 Cents

Mark Lacy, The Furniture Training Company

Business cards costing less than 2 cents are the most powerful and scientifically proven advertising method ever found. So, why are your salespeople leaving them in their pockets or desk drawers? Mark Lacy, will show you how to train your salespeople to fill your store with traffic


Turning Your Delivery Department into a PROFIT Center!

John McCloskey, Profitability Consulting Group

Come learn how to transform one of your biggest expenses into a source of revenue. In the midst of higher fuel, insurance and labor prices, you can still make money delivering furniture to your customers. This seminar teaches you the tips and tricks to build better systems in order to hold on to more of your hard earned dollars.


Create A Compelling Culture

Gerry Morris, Gerry Morris Training & Consulting

What is it about the companies that lead their categories? The common element is that they have created such a compelling culture from within that consumers want to step into their world, take a piece of it home, tell others and come back for more. Come hear this exciting new seminar from Gerry Morris and learn how your company can find a niche and rise to the top in your market.


The Science of Sleep

Ron Wolinski, Profitability Consulting Group

We, as home furnishings retailers, have the power to improve the


Business Survival/WHFA Academy Series sponsored by World Market Center

Retail Revolution: New World, New Way

Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender, KIZER & BENDER Speaking!


Join Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender as they share what it takes to be successful in today

Tuesday, August 3


Salvaging the Good Ship Retail

Jim Grandillo, JRM Sales & Management, Inc.

How do you stay afloat while others around you are sinking? This seminar will cover the 10 warning signs that might be indicators of a slow leak and how to plug it. You will learn what you can do in the next 60 days to


Signs, Signs, Everywhere

Joe Lapekas, Truckskin, LLC

Is your message getting out, and what message might that be? Are you taking advantage of all the ways your store can brand itself inside and outside? Visuals are stimulating, create an emotional connection and can say so much about you and your brand. What do your visuals say, or what are they not saying? Join the discussion on the exciting visual graphics that can make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. See what other retailers are doing to engage an over-stimulated, bored consumer.


Shopping Reinvented: How Emerging Technologies Will Shape Next-Generation Big Ticket Retailing

Dave Bruno, Escalate Retail

Rapidly evolving market conditions, technology and connectivity are changing the way that consumers search for, evaluate and purchase home furnishings. In the session, Dave Bruno, will explore how mobility, social networks, augmented reality, advancements in multi-touch technology and visual search tools can help you reinvent shopping and meet the escalating expectations of today


Four Things You Can Still do to Make 2010 Successful!

Doug Knorr, Knorr Marketing

If you are not meeting sales or gross profit expectations, then this seminar will be important to you! In this fast-paced seminar with Doug Knorr, you will learn how to integrate four strategic practices that will hold the vital areas of your business accountable.

Keeping a measuring device on everything from inventory to sales and advertising effectiveness will allow you to turn even the most difficult year around.


It Ain

Joe Milevsky, JRM Sales & Management, Inc.

Ultimately we are in business to make a profit and to use this profit to improve the quality of our lives. If we improve our businesses in just one area (say sales), without holistically understanding the implications on all other areas of our businesses, we set ourselves up for ultimate disappointment and failure. During this seminar you will be given insight into maximizing the potential of all aspects of your business. This will position you for sustainable increases in sales and profits while building an environment that is enjoyable and minimizes stress. Isn


Business Survival/WHFA Academy Series sponsored by World Market Center

Building a Brand with Personality

Mary Liz Curtin, Leon & Lulu

A brand is more than a logo and a snappy color palette: A brand is the image a shopper has of a business and encompasses everything from customer service to merchandising, from product assortment to price points, charitable giving to advertising. Your store

Every store has a character of its own and building a brand that showcases that individuality will distinguish your store from the competition, strengthen the connection with your customers and increase sales. Mary Liz Curtin, co-owner of Leon & Lulu and author of A Shopkeeper

She will discuss what works and what does not and give you ideas to help you build a brand that is yours alone... without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, August 4


There is No Such Thing as a Browser

Cathey Manley, Cathey Manley & Associates, Ltd.

This is an upbeat seminar that helps you to understand

9:00 am

Business Survival/WHFA Academy Series sponsored by World Market Center

Intensive Management Training: Morale, Motivation and Measurement

Jeff Hiller, PROaction Marketing Group

Most managers believe they should be getting more from their staff, but few know where to begin. This is a hands-on presentation where retailers can learn how to foster a proprietary sense for the business, set mutual expectations and encourage performance. Recommendations are specific, well-supported and proven in the market.


Turning your Website into an ROI Powerhouse

Mark Van Winkle, STORIS, Inc.

Do you currently have an eCommerce presence, however you


The Marketing Trifecta

Ken Mahar, Email Broadcast

This all-new seminar will focus on the three best ways to get people in the door and keep them coming back once they are customers. No other marketing tools offer the same power/cost ratio than expertly implementing email, Google and video marketing. This dynamic presentation by Ken Mahar is sure to be well attended so get there early. Bring a business card for a door prize!


True Cost of Home Delivery

Kevin Truett, Speedy Delivery LLC.

One of the most common complaints we hear from furniture dealers today is the headache they receive when dealing with home deliveries. This workshop is designed to identify the true cost of home delivery and how to eliminate the headaches. We


Thriving in the New Retail Climate

Brad Huisken, IAS Training

Brad Huisken will detail in a fun and motivational seminar how to thrive in today

Thursday, August 5


The Myths & Realities about Professional Sales Promotion & Liquidation Companies

Mike Egan, Ron Cooper, Hector Mustafa, Profit Management Promotions



Granting Credit

Pat Nanda, Creative Business Decisions

In this day of credit changes, credit approvals from primary lenders have become much tighter. Retailers cannot afford to lose customers at the point-of-sale if the customer does not qualify through their credit sources. Hence, there is a greater need to extend credit to your customers. Although granting credit may be highly profitable, there are potential risks involved in lending. The answer is to properly manage the risk in lending. Managed risk can improve the bottom line by intelligently approving more customers, reducing charge-offs, increasing sales, negotiating favorable discount rates, making consistent decisions and cross selling.


The Art of Merchandising

Bob Moorman, JRM Sales & Management, Inc.

Proper merchandising and buying takes time and skill. This seminar is designed to show you how to acquire the skills and methodology for maximizing your investment dollars in your inventory. You will gain invaluable insight into how to best determine the breadth of your assortments to ensure your store reflects your vision. Learn how to determine your open-to-buy dollars in just a few steps monthly. You will learn how to measure your effectiveness as a merchandiser.


The Psychology of Sales!

Brad Huisken, IAS Training

Brad Huisken will lead participants through a fun and motivational seminar on the psychology of sales. Brad will discuss what customers are thinking when they enter a furniture store for the first time along with their subconscious thoughts. In addition, this session will detail the real goal of a sales presentation and the three types of customers that come into a furniture store and how to maximize each potential customer type. Most salespeople believe that the goal of a sales presentation is to make a sale. When in reality, making a sale is only half of the job. The real goal is to get them to come back repeatedly. When a customer comes into a furniture store today, they are not looking for furniture; they are looking for a place and a person from whom to buy furniture. This session will detail how to sell the store during the selling process.

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