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Tri-State HFA To Honor Albert Boscov As 2010 Person of the Year

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Albert Boscov

Tri-State HFA annouced that their 2010 Person of the Year is Albert Boscov, Chairman/CEO of Boscov’s, Inc. The company began in Reading, PA from its modest beginnings in the 1920’s. Mr. Boscov continued the fundamental precepts of business carried to this country by his immigrant father – work hard, be honest, and deal fairly with the customer. He has added to these concepts - make shopping fun; don’t take yourself too seriously; and treat your employees like family.

As Chairman/CEO of Boscov’s he set a new standard for successful retailing, and is deeply involved in the community and corporate citizenship. With his recent launch of ‘Our City Reading’, a nonprofit organization, Boscov turned his generosity toward curbing the flight of residents and businesses from Reading, population approximately 80,000. They (OCR) are accomplishing this by restoring abandoned homes and providing city residents with excellent but low-cost housing. In addition, Boscov has worked on projects that created the largest interactive arts center of its kind in the nation; an IMAX and movie theater, an office building, and also a complex to house apartments and a four-star hotel.

Boscov’s stores also regularly showcase many civic causes and charitable programs in their markets, including fundraisers for United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross and countless local non-profit organizations in all the markets where Boscov’s has stores.

Recently, Albert Boscov came out of retirement to restore the chain that bears his family name after economic times challenged the existence of the company. He has put the ‘fun’ back in shopping, bringing back some of the unique promotions from years past as well as lots of contests where customers have the chance to win great prizes.

At the dinner, representatives and retailers will be honored for various contributions to the industry and the association. Some awards are voted upon by members, while others are committee chosen. This year, we also have the installation of a new Tri-State HFA president, Marc Luber, president of World Imports in Philadelphia, China and Malaysia.

The Tri-State HFA Awards Dinner will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at Holiday Inn – Historic District in Philadelphia. For additional information on Awards Dinner, please contact Cathy Reed, CHR at (215) 646-5831 or at tshfa_Cathy@hotmail.com.

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