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Classic Moves To Multi-Brand Strategy

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Classic Brands announced that it will present the latest mattresses and accessories from its Dormia and Space Age brands -- including new 12-inch mattresses and upgraded styling on select models -- at the upcoming Las Vegas Market this August 2-6.

“Consumers respond to brands, and we want to continue giving RSAs the advantage of having a recognized brand story to share with shoppers,” said Classic Brands CEO Mike Zippelli.  “Classic offers a unique value proposition on its imported products, and by diversifying our brands we were able to better organize them to reach different corners of the market.” 

A key factor in the success of Classic’s multi-brand strategy has been the company’s move last year to design its products domestically, then build in China to the exact specifications used in its Jessup facility.  Taking an ownership position in its factory in China, Classic has been able to offer enhanced features on a wide range of value-driven products to deliver unequalled comfort and value.

Earlier this year Classic re-introduced the Dormia brand with the launch of three visco and three latex mattresses, and for the Vegas market, enhanced the tickings on some of those models.  Together with their Space Age brand and Internet Program, the channels represent a shift from their mostly private label business in prior years.

“We’ll still continue to private label and make specialized products for retailers,” added Zippelli.  “For example, our Internet-only program is well suited for private label.  It addresses Internet channel conflict by giving brick-and-mortar retailers something different to offer on-line  shoppers. An added benefit is that they do not have to hold the inventory. A retailer can place an order directly to us and we will ship to the consumer.”

New for Las Vegas Market is enhanced styling on the Dormia Memory Foam and Latex Collections and new 12-inch models which bridge the gap between their 10-inch and 14-inch pillow top.  Ticking designs and construction give the Dormia line a plush, rich, and luxurious feel, unique in the imported brand segment.

The Dormia Memory Foam Collection ($499-$1,799) is the brand’s latest visco line, featuring high performance visco elastic memory foam and a new soft circle-knit cover which has a non-skid bottom and is removable. The 12-inch Sonata will debut at this market, joining the eight-inch Vista, 10-inch Savannah, and 14-inch Dolce models.

The Dormia Latex Collection ($699-$1,999) features a soft, breathable and absorbent bamboo ticking which is naturally anti-bacterial.  Underneath the ticking are layers of hypoallergenic latex foam to provide pressure-relieving support.  The 12-inch Paradise will debut at this market, joining the eight-inch Oasis, 10-inch Eden, and 14-inch Haven models.

“Retailers seeking greater eye-appeal, more attention to tailoring and comfort have come to see Classic is delivering on these needs, and at better values because of the way we import,” added Zippelli.
From the Space Age Collection ($499-$1,499), the new 12-inch Venture will debut at this market. The line features Classic’s removable Plush Knit or European Knit covers over eight, 10 or 12 inch visco-elastic memory foam construction, and a zippered non-skid bottom. 

Classic’s Internet Program ($499-$1,299) consists of three visco and three latex mattresses, each with no discernable branding on the ticking or label.  They come vacuum packed and rolled in a colorful box, so they can be shipped directly to consumers.

About Classic Brands: Classic Brands uses the finest materials from around the world including all-natural and high-performance covers, lamb’s wool, Talalay and Dunlop latex, and visco-elastic memory foam.  The company offers enhanced features such as a quilted mattress tops and deluxe combination models that are comprised of memory and latex foam, as well as adjustable beds that allow each person to maximize their own sleep comfort.  For more information, visit www.classicmattress.com.   
Visit Classic Brands’ Las Vegas Market showroom at space B-970.

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