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El Dorado Furniture Founder Honored with Street Naming

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The late Manuel Capó, founder of El Dorado Furniture, was honored by having a Miami, FL  street named after him. The ceremony will took place on Saturday, August 7th.

The portion of the street, located on Kendall Drive between 137th and 142nd Avenues, has been named “Manuel Capó Way.” The area lies directly in front of El Dorado Furniture’s Kendall Boulevard showroom, the largest of the company’s 11 stores.

In addition to the family’s furniture stores, Manuel Capó was known for his extraordinary and inspiring journey to achieve the American dream. In 1966, Manuel and two of his seven sons fled their native Cuba in search of freedom. The boat they escaped on was called “El Dorado.” After arriving in Miami, Manuel and sons opened their first furniture store named after the boat that brought them to freedom.

Today, El Dorado Furniture has more than 700 employees. The company has been ranked among the top 50 furniture retailers in the country, and has grown to become the largest Hispanic-owned furniture company in the United States.

Manuel Capó passed away in 2009, leaving behind his wife, Aida, seven sons, 20 grandchildren (many of whom are directly involved in running the company), and 10 great grandchildren.

This is the second street to be named after Manuel. The first was in front of El Dorado’s Calle Ocho Boulevard showroom on Miami’s S.W. 8th Street, the site of the first store the family opened in 1967.

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