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UltraComfort America Prepares for Pre-Market with Expanded IHFC Showroom

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UltraComfort America, a U.S. manufacturer of luxury power lift and recline chairs, announced that it has expanded its showroom in the IHFC building for the Spring Market and will occupy this space again for pre-
Market in September and the Market in October. Their new location is space M938.

“Traffic was very good on the 9th floor of the IHFC building last spring,” says Bob Smith, Vice President of Sales for UltraComfort America. “Moving from the 5th floor in 2009 up to the 9th floor this year, and doubling our space in the process, helped us have a very strong spring Market and we look forward to an even more successful fall Market. Retailers are looking for high quality, innovative motion furniture and that’s exactly what we offer.”

Located in space M938, UltraComfort America displays all models of their power motion furniture in the showroom, including their lift and recline chairs featuring their exclusive, patented StellarComfort™ zero-gravity recline technology.

Developed by UltraComfort, the mechanics of StellarComfort transfer the user smoothly and effortlessly through multiple recline positions, including the TV watching position, the sleep position and the Trendelenburg position, for the ultimate stretch of the lower back and improved circulation. StellarComfort chairs also move users to the pressure-free comfort of the zero-gravity position, where spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved and circulation is improved. StellarComfort chairs are available in small, medium and large frame sizes are are also available in a power recline-only model in small, medium and large frame sizes.

Weight capacities are 300 lbs. for the small frame size and 375 lbs. for the medium and large frame sizes in both the lift and recline and recline-only models.

“Retailers who come to our showroom and experience our Stellar Comfort models for the first time are always impressed by the comfort they feel in each position, and how easy it is to use. When we talk to them about our manufacturing process, and the quality of materials we use, the retailers are generally very excited to add our chairs to their showroom floor,” says Smith.

Launched in January 2009 as the furniture division of the world’s largest lift and recline chair manufacturer, UltraComfort America is experiencing strong growth each month as more and more retailers learn about their products. “Our chairs are best floored when retailers use a good-better best approach using three to four models with varying features and price points. We offer a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism, chair frame and reclining mechanism, plus an in-home service program for the first year after purchase that retailers find very appealing,” says Smith.

UltraComfort America’s U.S. production facility is home to the entire manufacturing process, from material cutting and sewing, through frame building to upholstery and packaging. The manufacturing process is designed to deliver the highest-quality merchandise with factory-tested structural integrity. All models of UltraComfort lift chairs feature frames manufactured from northern maple hardwood, poplar, and engineered furniture laminate products. The chairs frame joints are joined using staples, glue and mortise and tenon joinery for long lasting durability.

More information about UltraComfort America can be found on the web, www.ultracomfort.net or by calling 866-793- 5100.

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