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RoomStore Re-Launches Its E-Commerce Site

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Blueport Commerce, an e-commerce technology and services company that localizes big-ticket retail online, announced the re-launch of RoomStore.com, the e-commerce site for one of the 20 largest furniture retailers in the country with more than $325 million a year in sales.

Leveraging Blueport’s unique e-commerce platform, RoomStore continues to extend its delivery area outside its store footprint. The new site includes many improvements to the online customer experience to drive results online and in stores.

“The Blueport platform is specifically designed for big-ticket retailers that have complex delivery models and rely heavily on their websites to drive traffic to local stores,” said Ned Crosby, Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer at RoomStore. “The company understands our unique business challenges and addresses them with a solution architected around the need for multi-channel localization.”

The re-launched RoomStore site includes new features such as:

Precision Localization: The site automatically adjusts based on a user’s location. Selection, pricing, promotions, delivery details and closest stores are all dynamically localized to provide a seamless cross-channel shopping experience.

Collection Browsing: Offering an engaging shopping experience, this interactive widget allows users browsing a category such as bedrooms the ability to flip through a series of styled room setting versus a standard list of search results.

Shoppable Images: Interactive information tags are displayed on room settings, allowing shoppers to get information on the items in the room and add items to their shopping cart directly from the room setting.
Collaboration Bar: The additional resources needed for big-ticket purchases are available through a single tool where shoppers can find a local store displaying an item, print a store-ready page, chat or get advice via social media.

Live Chat/Click-to-Call: Shoppers can now choose how they want to communicate with customer service representatives – via online chat or phone. The dynamic icons reflect real-time availability of customer service reps including when they’re able to chat, connect via phone or request a call-back.

User-generated Product Reviews: User-generated reviews are a powerful tool in converting browsers into buyers. Now, consumers can rate the products they purchase on RoomStore’s site including photos and videos of their new rooms.

Social Bookmarking: Consumers can now share products they are interested in via Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites at the click of a mouse

Enhanced Checkout Process: During the checkout process, customers are now offered dynamically generated value added items, such as stain and damage protection and wood care kits.

Akamai Acceleration: Localized instances sites are cached around the country, ensuring fast page loads of localized content.

“When tickets are bigger, consumer confidence becomes lower, so we arm clients like RoomStore with all of the tools necessary to help consumers feel good about making big-ticket purchases, either online or in stores,” Blueport’s President and Chief Executive Officer Carl Prindle explains. “Our rich site features enhance the shopping experience while our localization engine ensures synchronization between the website and local stores. The result is a platform that drives store traffic, generates leads and increases online transactions cost effectively and measurably.”

About RoomStore: RoomStore was founded in 1992 by a renowned furniture family that established its first retail store in 1910. RoomStore began with four stores in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in August 1992. Since 1992 RoomStore has grown to more than 70 stores in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Texas offering customers the best furniture and accessory values available. With over $325 million a year in sales, RoomStore is one of the 20 largest furniture retailers in America.

About Blueport Commerce: Blueport Commerce is the only e-commerce technology and services company that localizes big-ticket retail online. Serving retail chains representing more than 2,300 stores and over $8 billion in sales, Blueport Commerce is a full-service solution that combines a decade of experience, innovative technology and customized services to meet the unique, localized needs of retail chains selling big-ticket items. Blueport’s managed solutions help these retailers drive multichannel sales and make the transition to e-commerce easy, worry-free and profitable. Learn more at www.blueport.com.

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