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J. Wells Consulting announced that it has launched a dedicated news website for the furniture industry www.furniturenewstv.com.

Furniturenewstv.com is a new concept for furniture dealers and manufacturers. It is a web TV show, that affords dealers and manufacturers an opportunity to view content that includes a weekly "insider feature", retail news, market news, rep news and a variety of current television ads being run by furniture retailers across the country.

"The purpose of FurnitureNewsTV.com" says Jack Wells, founder, is to give the industry a destination to view and share furniture news in an entertaining and informative audio-visual format. Our first official insider feature will contain interviews and products shown at the recent Tupelo Furniture show."

"We feel that in time," Wells continued,"FurnitureNewsTV.com will become an important tool for manufacturers and other vendors to showcase their products, as well as learn more about what is current in the industry."

Manufacturers who have an interest in showcasing their products on furniturenewstv.com, should contact J. Wells Consulting at Jack@richwelladv.com regarding web video production of affordable plant tours and product showcases and other capabilities. Sponsorships are limited.

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