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Ecosleep To Introduce Bed With Zoned Air Technology In High Point

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Overture Mattress, from the Ecosleep Line

With high consumer demand for a healthy night’s sleep on a healthy bed, specialty sleep manufacturer durable products company (dpc)* announced that it will be showing natural latex, eco-friendly air beds and memory foam mattresses at High Point Market, October 16-21, 2010.  Building on the growing market share of mattresses with zoned air chambers and a positive response from dealers on CertiPur® foam technology, the EcoSleep™ Air Bed Mattresses allows each sleeper to individually control their level of support at the head, torso, and feet. 

“Air bed mattresses were once a forgotten category, but with the rise of other specialty sleep products they are back in demand,” said dpc vice president of sales, Mike Schweiger. “EcoSleep has a complete offering in our air line that is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Today’s consumers can now sleep better -- and healthier -- at the touch of a button.”

The line features the same CertiPUR-US approved polyurethane foam components that are used in other EcoSleep mattresses.  EcoSleep Air Bed mattresses feature two independently controlled air chambers for optimum comfort and support.  Each sleeper can operate his or her own digital controller to fill their selected chambers with their individualized comfort support setting where they need it without disrupting their partner.

“All of our EcoSleep products are pushing the envelope in terms of providing consumers with a healthier, more sustainable, and highly comfortable sleep. By responding to the growing consumer and retail demand for customized comfort, dpc views these introductions as an opportunity to be a leader in the air bed mattress category” said Schweiger.
The EcoSleep Air Bed Mattresses are the latest offerings in the EcoSleep line of mattresses made with sustainable, recycled and environmentally-friendly raw materials. The seven-piece collection offers five beds with four-zone air support and two with two-zone air support chambers. 

The Athens and Austin are latex and memory foam hybrids made with odor-free castor oil and recycled foam polymers, offering an open cell structure which keeps the bed cooler by allowing air movement, and feature the hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, antifungal and dust-mite resistant features of latex. The Athens’ bamboo cover absorbs four times the moisture of standard cotton covers and the Austin’s stretch knit cover is made with tack-and-jump construction.

The Overture is made with a blend of natural latex milk from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree and synthetic latex. It has a COOLMAX® high-performance cover which wicks moisture away from the body keeps it cool while offering all the health benefits of latex. 

The Albany and Premiere are memory foam mattresses also made with odor-free castor oil and recycled foam polymer.  The Albany has a stretch knit cover made and the Premiere features a COOLMAX cover.

The EcoSleep Air Bed Mattresses carry a suggested retail price of $1,299 to $2,499 in queen.
To experience full EcoSleep line, visit the High Point Market showroom in the IHFC building, space M-610.

Founded in 2002, by industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Dave R. Young, dpc LLC,  offers a complete line up of visco, latex, air and innerspring mattresses for OEM and private label, and also develops and markets its own brands including EcoSleep environmentally-friendly mattresses and the luxurious Everloft pillows.


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