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Business Growth Prompts Workforce Expansion At CKI Solutions

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CKI Solutions (dba Cadence Keen Innovations), a leading provider of sleep solutions and bedding accessories, announced the addition of Gordon Alford and Erica Younis to its growing team of professionals. Mr. Alford will serve as CKI's Director of Marketing, and Ms. Younis will act as Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the company.

The hiring of Mr. Alford and Ms. Younis comes in response to CKI's exponential growth over the last four quarters. With a growth rate of more than 60 percent in 2010, CKI's business continues to boom thanks in part to its line of innovative, patented products such as the Create A KingĀ® bed doubler and the Bed MadeEZĀ® mattress lifter.

CKI continues to define itself as a leading designer and developer of innovative yet practical bedding accessories for the hospitality and retail markets. The company expects its exponential growth to continue as it expands into new areas such as the health care and international markets.

"Everything we do is based on our commitment to providing customers with the most innovative and customizable solutions to their bedding needs," said Sam Montross, CEO of Cadence Keen Innovations. "We are thrilled by our company's growth and would like to welcome Mr. Alford and Ms. Younis to our creative team."

About CKI Solutions

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., CKI Solutions (dba Cadence Keen Innovations) has been a leading provider of sleep solutions and bedding accessories to a multitude of industries since 1996. CKI Solutions is a family-owned business with a long-standing tradition of introducing new products that solve specific industry challenges while also appealing to the consumer. For more information about CKI's fully customizable products that are all manufactured in the USA, visit www.ckisolutions.us.

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