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Darafeev Enters Dining Market

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Chair from Darafeev with flex-back design.

Darafeev, the manufacturer of fine resort furniture including game tables, chairs and stools announced the introduction of a new line of dining chairs.

“I believe what we have here, is quite possibly the most comfortable dining chair ever made”, says Paul Darafeev, a principle of a small family owned Los Angeles based furniture factory which his parents, Mikhail and Antonina Darafeev, founded over 50 years ago.  The chair features a new patent pending flex-back design, which not only adds comfort, but long lasting durability.  “Most dining chairs are designed to fail at the joint where the back post meets the seat, especially on armless chairs.  This is due to the leverage, unfortunately, which the back legs provide, especially on any high back chair.  Our new design places virtually zero stress at this joint, which frankly, can last indefinitely” explains Darafeev.
In addition to the Darafeev line of dining chairs, they have recently been sought out by a major multinational company to produce a new line of solid Walnut dining chairs, incorporating the same flex-back feature.
“The last 30 years have taught us how to build specialty poker chairs with 5 to 6 hour comfort, which were sold in niche markets.  We are now entering the mainstream dining market,  focusing on quality mid to high level dealers.  We plan to also private label for majors, giving them exclusive designs, and with a quick 3 to 4 week turnaround time, and expect dining to become one of our major sectors” says Darafeev.  He further explains that “Studies show that folks are eating out less often these days, and are taking cooking classes and enjoying more meals at home with family and friends.  These facts will shatter the old claim that formal dining rooms are used only twice a year.  With added use and the growth of home dining, we believe that our products will quickly enjoy widespread demand.”
In addition to offering a wide range of in-stock styles, fabrics, and finishes, Darafeev will also accept special orders for dining chairs specifying fine American hardwoods, such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Oak.  Last week the company even unveiled an outdoor version at an exclusive showing in Southern California,  using Teak and Accoya wood, which has a 50 year warranty (see http://bit.ly/cDSwKm).

It is ironic that Darafeev is also delivering flex-back chairs to their first restaurant project this week, which is extremely enthused about the comfort and durability of the product.  They are starting with limited sets, and will dub these “The best seats in the house”, but, that may be another story.
Paul Darafeev can be reached at
paul@darafeev.com, or 800 227-7866.

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