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Makeover TV Guru and Space Planning Expert Partner to Provide Solutions for DIY Consumers

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Libby Langdon and Donna Barlett

Libby Langdon of Libby Langdon Solutions™ and Donna Barlett, President of ViewIT Technologies Inc., creators of The Board™ Space Planning Systems and 3Dream.net™, recently announced a new business partnership.

By pooling their respective knowledge and expertise, the two parties will provide affordable space-planning solutions for the DIY consumer market.

ViewIT will manufacture the Libby Langdon Solutions™ Quick Planner for small spaces, as well as a larger, expanded version, Libby Langdon Solutions™ Magnetic Furniture Arranger.
Langdon and Barlett met at a WithIt educational event held during a recent edition of the Las Vegas Market. “This partnership is the direct result of my involvement in WithIt,” says Barlett. (WithIt is the women’s leadership network that encourages and develops opportunities for professionals in the home and furnishings industries.) “I’m grateful to Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership for introducing me to WithIt, and to Sara Lyke, Executive Director of WithIt, who continually encourages members to connect with one another.”
Langdon credits the non-profit organization for its invaluable networking opportunities. “I joined WithIt with the intention of discovering new resources and business opportunities through the networking that is offered by the organization,” Langdon says. “Here’s a perfect example of how WithIt really works: I am partnering with Donna and her company on this exciting new project, and we met as a direct result of a WithIt event! The secret to WithIt is how the group puts its dynamic members together. Instead of waiting for an opportunity, members make opportunities happen!”

About ViewIT Technologies Inc.: For over 16 years - the innovative, Canadian based manufacturing and technology company, ViewIT Technologies, has been designing and creating quality sales and presentation tools for professionals and is well known for The Board™ Space Planning Systems: a series of easy-to-use magnetic room planners for residential and commercial applications.

Building strong relationships in the design community has been the focus of co-founders Donna and Ross Barlett. As such, recognizing the future of the industries need for technology, and in keeping with their keep-it-simple philosophy, they created 3Dream.net. This online ‘virtual design program’ empowers the professional to create an incredible buying experience for consumers.

About The Board™ Space Planning Systems: Planning rooms in under 60 seconds is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Arrange, rearrange furniture magnets; on-the-spot
  2. Communicate ideas to movers, contractors, design professionals
  3. Quickly save multiple ideas with a digital camera or photocopy
    With these incredible room planning tools, not only can you accurately design rooms to scale, they can be used to convey ideas in less time than it takes to boot up your computer!

About Libby Langdon: Libby Langdon is an interior designer from HGTV’s Small Space, Big Style and the author of the top selling design book, Libby Langdon’s Small Space Solutions.  She is currently the “Go To” designer and makeover guru on The Rachel Ray Show and is considered the solutions expert and no stranger to the fear and confusion some people face when they decide to update their spaces. 

Working with real people who face design dilemmas was the inspiration for Libby to create her new Libby Langdon Solutions™ line.  She’s focused on creating items that have solutions to design and storage issues that so many people encounter. “I think people are looking for solutions on how to visually achieve a great design and make their space as functional as possible and I have the ideas, enthusiasm and tools to help them! - said Langdon.

Libby’s down-to-earth style allows her to connect with real people and convey her innovative and inexpensive makeover ideas so that they are not only easily understood, but also simple enough for a real person to do.  Through television appearances and her book, Libby gives consumers the interior design confidence and permission they are seeking, as well as eliminating some of the guesswork. “I think interior design should be fun, easy and accessible and most of all I want to give people the tools and support to design beautiful and functional spaces no matter the challenges or the size!” Langdon says.   Libby has been described as an all-in-one design guru, a bubbly life coach, and home-front motivator. 

“I have so many ideas for creating Libby Langdon Solutions™ to work in all areas of the home. These are things that folks can actually do themselves to make changes that will work whether they’re in a tiny studio apartment, a compact condo or house or they just want some cool, cost conscious ways to create a chic space.   I think the possibilities are limitless!” Langdon says.

ViewIT will be exhibiting Oct 16-20 in the lobby of the Furniture Plaza Bldg (near the escalators) at 210 South Main Street, High Point, NC.

For more information on ViewIT Technologies go to www.viewITtech.com

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