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Palliser Furniture Launches New Retail Sales System

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As a part of its rebranding effort, Palliser, one of North America’s leading furniture manufacturers, announced that it is launching a new sales system for its retail partners. The new sales system, complete with a reconfigured layout design is complete with branding screens and panels to communicate Palliser’s new lifestyle strategy, “My Home, My Style, My Way.”

“It’s important that the Palliser brand message be consistent from corporate to retail to consumer,” said Cary Benson, President, Sales and Marketing, Palliser Furniture. “Our retail partners count on us to provide them with the tools to effectively extend the Palliser brand.”

Each new Palliser gallery will be designed to communicate different lifestyles: Metro, Suburban and Retreat. Creating lifestyle vignettes allows consumers to connect with the Palliser brand emotionally. Each lifestyle is conveyed via images on branding screens and panels. The photographic images are dramatic black and white, up close, tight crops of different components relative to each lifestyle.

For example, the “metro” lifestyle screens include masculine images of a contemporary apartment, a close up of a man’s suit cuff and an antique globe. While the “suburban” lifestyle portrays family imagery like a steaming cup of coffee on an outdoor table, a Labrador playing with a ball and a little girl on a backyard swing. Finally, the “retreat” lifestyle conjures up feelings of a more relaxed time and an escape from reality with rustic images like an antique compass, the weathered siding of a lakeside cabin and a collection of old family photos.

“All the images resonate with the consumer, making them feel as though they’re actually living the lifestyle,” said Benson. “They identify with it and then, with the Palliser brand.”

The branding screens were designed to suspend from the ceiling or stand on the floor in the galleries, eliminating any need for heavy construction. The black and white photographs allow for the product to work with the branding screens, rather than compete for the consumer’s attention. The retail sales system will launch first in the United States, followed by Canada with select retail partners.

The overall rebranding campaign, along with the retail sales system design was created by Palliser in cooperation with Martin Roberts Design, who Benson acknowledges as key to the concept. Martin Roberts Design is an award-winning team of retail consultants, architects, interior designers, and graphic designers whose unique expertise in both the science and art of retailing has placed them at the forefront of the retail design industry. For more information go to www.mrobertsdesign.com  

Palliser Furniture: Palliser Furniture, founded by Abram Albert DeFehr in 1946, is one of North America’s leading upholstery manufacturers. It produces an extensive product line including sofas, loveseats, sofabeds, recliners and occasional chairs. With facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Asia, the company employs 2,500 people. Strategic manufacturing plants allow for efficient service and delivery to any location in the world.  As a leader in North American Design, product innovation and extensive options in leather grade, color and application inspire personalized selection. Palliser commits to values of integrity, heritage of faith, respect for the environment, and support for its community along with excellence in service, customer value and design.  Palliser is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, with a showroom in the High Point, NC.

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