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The #1 Secret to Grow Your Business in a Down Economy

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At the recent International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, Furniture Retailers attended a seminar entitled “The #1 Secret to Grow Your Business in a Down Economy”.  Because of the high level of interest in the topic, the presenter, Mike Root, President of Get Customers Right Now, has agreed to host a no-charge follow up webinar discussing specific strategies that retailers should be using in today’s tough economic climate. 

More information about how to attend this November 4th webinar can be found at www.FurnitureSecret.com

Root is a third generation “Furniture Guy” and authority on innovative marketing solutions for the home furnishings industry.  He is passionate about sharing marketing tricks and techniques other industries are using to grow in tough times to help furniture retailers capture customer’s attention for the purchase of new furniture. 

There is a fundamental shift that has occurred in the marketing of home furnishings businesses towards new media solutions.  For this reason, furniture technology and marketing expert, Sev Ritchie, has agreed to join Root as a co-host of the November 4th webinar.  Ritchie has a long list of industry accomplishments in cutting edge technology solutions.  Currently Ritchie is a partner with Leslie Carothers in The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a leading provider of social media solutions to the home furnishings and related industries.

The content for this Webinar originated in a seminar for members of the furniture retailer trade association — National Home Furnishings Association.  A few of the topics to be discussed include:

  •  Expanded Tips & Tricks To Get to listed on the first page of Google
  • 9 Best Ways to use Personalization in Marketing to make it stand out
  • Effective Use for Furniture Stores of Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Twitter
  • Measuring the Investment in New Media To Get a Return - If Marketing Dollars Can’t Be Measured They Shouldn’t Be Spent!!!
  • Steps To Build An Integrated Marketing System that Will Not Overwhelm  A Furniture Retailer’s Resources or Time Constraints

The basis of the webinar centers around the strategy of how to integrate a variety of medias to simply and easily attract qualified customers to your retail business when the customer is ready to do business with you.  By embracing cost effective new media solutions, personal interaction between your company and the end user becomes infinitely simpler.

Root and Ritchie will share specific strategies that are working along with low cost solutions that retailers can use easily and effectively.  Where appropriate they will also offer recommendations of resources that will help save you time and money getting started.

The Free Webinar will be on Thursday, November 4 at 7PM EST, 6PM CST, 5 PM MST, and 4PM PST.  Retailers can register by going to www.FurnitureSecret.com

This webinar will not only help retailers grow their business in tough times, but all attendees will be entered into a drawing for a free IPAD or $500 Gift Card to be given away on the webinar. 

Mike Root
President, Get Customers Right Now
By phone at 402-391-2166 or by email at


Mike Root is President of Furniture Sales of Mid-America, a furniture wholesale and rep company in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states.  Mike also is the founder of Get Customers Right Now, a marketing company designed to help small and medium sized retailers build their sales through the use of low cost and no cost direct response marketing strategies.  Free articles, blogs and instructional videos can be found at http://www.MikeRoot.com.  Mike serves on the Executive Committee of the International Home Furnishings Representative's Association (IHFRA).  He has been recognized by the Small Business Administration as an Entrepreneur of the Year, and his furniture retail stores were honored by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Enterprises three years in a row.   He has been recognized by numerous national furniture factories for sales excellence including Salesman of the Year more than 15 times.

Sev Ritchie, CEC, is the COO and a partner in The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a leading global provider of social media solutions for the home furnishings and related industries. Sev is the acknowledged expert in North America on web related solutions for the home furnishings industry. Through leveraging together the large online social media communities run by TKP’s CEO, Leslie Carothers, with both of their offline industry connections and extensive knowledge of the needs of all stakeholders in the distribution chain, they are able to provide strong social media results for their clients-including Cargill’s BiOH polyols division, The New Traditionalists, ICFF 2010, World Market Center and others.

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