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Mark Bannon Rejoins Planned Furniture Promotions

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Mark Bannon, Sr. VP, Planned Furniture Promotions

Planned Furniture Promotions, Inc. (PFP) announced that Mark Bannon has returned to PFP as Sr. Vice President of Sales.
Bannon rejoins PFP’s executive team, which includes industry veterans Roy Hester, Sr. Vice President, Sales; Burt Homonoff, Sr. Vice President, Merchandising & Operations; and Tom Liddell, Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing. Resuming his role as Sr. Vice President, Sales, Bannon will work with the executive team as well as Regional Managers Andrew Winans and Eric Rowles to coordinate details for client events.

With over 35 years of experience in the sale promotion and retail furniture business nationwide, Bannon’s responsibility includes interfacing with PFP clients and formulating marketing plans for retail client promotional events.
“Mark’s substantial experience and long history of producing successful results is widely recognized in the industry and is why he is regarded as such a valuable member of our team,” says Gene Rosenberg, co-owner, Planned Furniture Promotions. “We can count on Mark to deliver his essential expertise, energy and passion to every project and retail event which will prove highly beneficial to our clients.”
PFP is a leading specialist in conducting high impact, promotional furniture retail sales, having partnered with clients on major furniture liquidation sales in the U.S., including those for Levitz, Wickes, Huffman Koos and Rhodes. The company is also responsible for developing and executing record breaking events for independent retailers Oskar Huber in Pa. and N.J.; Michael’s, Boise; Direct Furniture, Clarksville; along with premium stores such as Kornmeyers, Baton Rouge; Porter’s, Racine and Gabbert’s events in TX.
About Planned Furniture Promotions: Planned Furniture Promotions, Inc. (PFP), an affiliate of Gene Rosenberg Associates, LLC, is the foremost furniture industry specialist in conducting high impact promotional sales. Since 1962, PFP has specialized in creatively planning and successfully implementing thousands of sale promotions for national, regional and local retailers of all sizes that are interested in quitting business, retiring, raising cash, and achieving other urgent goals. PFP applies its unparalleled expertise and offers a broad range of services to help retailers maximize value including purchasing inventory using its substantial buying power, management,  sales staffing, advertising, financing, and other critical areas.  To learn more about PFP, visit

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