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George Kosinski, Master Woodcarver Dies at 61

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George Kosinski at his workbench

George Kosinski, ASFE, SFIE, of Thomasville, NC died on November 17th in High Point at the age of 61 of a heart attack.

He was a master carver, designer and artist who faithfully reproduced complex carvings as well as his own original designs. His knowledge of furniture production materials and methods was unmatched.

George Kosinski, came from a long line European master hand carvers. He apprenticed with his father and grandfather, starting at the age of six, then honing his skills by learning from European and American master woodcarvers and woodworkers.

Over a 50 year career, George was the carver US manufacturers hired to create master carvings used as templates for major furniture collections. Aside from his commercial work, he created the iconic "Affie" award, presented to inductees of the American Furniture Hall of Fame for many years. He also carved a Maple wood portrait of Ronald Reagan for the Regan Collection and the chair back for a chair given by Nancy and Ronald Reagan to HRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana following the birth of their son Prince William. George was guest lecturer at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, a member of MENSA and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

The High Point Enterprise reported that, "He was a son, a brother, a father and grandfather. He was preceded in death by his father Stan Kosinski of High Point and brother Richard Kosinski of Monroe, SC." "George attended both High Point Central and UNC Greensboro and also served in the United States Marine Corps. He was the son of Halina Kosinski of High Point, brother of Christina Addington and Victor Kosinski of Kinston, NC. He was the father of Doc Kosinski of Alexandria, VA, Katrina Woodruff of Wilmington, NC and Stas’ Kosinski of New York City, NY. He was the grandfather of Nikolai and Deanna. He leaves behind many nieces and nephews and friends who loved and cared for him including his dear and longtime friend and partner Yanna(Connie) Sizemore. He was a student of life, lover of words and a follower of that which made him happy. Carpe Diem."

There will a celebration of his life and friends on Saturday, December 11 at the home of his friends, Melanie and Alan Hendrix. For more information on attending the celebration, RSVP to zgkpop@aol.com.

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