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Nowell's Teams With Ekornes For Holiday Fundraiser

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Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture  announced the launch of an in-store holiday fundraiser in association with Ekornes. Throughout the holiday season, when a customer donates $50 to Nowell’s Fund To Fight Multiple Myeloma he or she will receive a $200 discount off the purchase price of an Ekornes recliner.
When Jerry Nowell of Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture in Cary hosted the kick-off party for the Nowell’s Fund To Fight Multiple Myeloma on Tuesday, Dec. 7, he anticipated a fun event that would help raise awareness of this cancer of the white blood cells. He didn’t expect the in-store party to turn into a mini-fund-raiser itself. Yet by the end of an evening, over $500 had been donated to benefit cancer research at Duke Medicine.
“I expected people to enjoy the party and learn more about multiple myeloma. I didn’t think they’d pull out their checkbooks right then and there, but they did,” said Nowell, who is battling multiple myeloma himself. “What a great way to start our fundraising effort!”
“We’ve teamed with Ekornes for this type of fundraiser in the past and raised quite a bit of money for various causes,” said Nowell, who will match whatever his customers donate. “We’re hoping to do the same this year to benefit cancer research at Duke Medicine.”
Multiple Myeloma is diagnosed in approximately 20,000 new patients every year in the US, and the illness claims the lives of nearly half that number annually. While there is currently no cure for multiple myeloma, on-going research raises great hope that emerging therapies may make this a manageable disease and, ultimately, lead to a cure.
Dr. Cristina Gasparetto, a renowned multiple myeloma specialist at Duke Medicine, attended the event, as did David Mainella, Deputy Director of Development at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. “The Third Expression,” a new instrumental band led by Mike Krause, provided the entertainment.
For door prizes, Jerry Nowell also gave away gift certificates to Empire Eats restaurants in downtown Raleigh (Raleigh Times, Morning Times, Sitti, The Pitt, and Duck & Dumpling), pairs of movie tickets, and $400 worth of gift certificates to the store through a drawing.
The fundraiser includes an online furniture auction, which can be accessed at
All contributions to the Nowell’s Fund To Fight Multiple Myeloma from the Ekornes special and auction will benefit multiple myeloma research at the Duke Medical Center. For more information on the fundraiser, visit
Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture is located 900 East Chatham Street, Cary, NC 27511. For more information and directions, go to
About Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture: Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture is located at 900 E. Chatham St., Cary, NC 27511. Operated by Jerry Nowell, the store is in its third generation of local ownership with a commitment to contemporary and modern furniture supported by a talented in-store design team and professional delivery crew. “Defining Style Since 1905.” For more information:

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