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Industry Veteran, Jeff Davis, Launches www.groovyscavenger.com

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 Industry veteran, Jeff Davis, formerly of Klaussner Home Furnishings, states that wholesale is the new retail as he effectively offers home décor manufacturers and suppliers a solid way of moving obsolete products while at the same time showing shoppers how cool frugality can be.

Davis, known best for his innovative, forward thinking and ever-progressive marketing models, put motion behind his company, The Innovision Group’s, latest retail concept, Groovy Scavenger, in 2010. The retail venue, located in Asheboro, N.C., specializes in offering unique, eclectic, and one-of-a-kind home furnishings and décor items at a fraction of the price the same goods would be in traditional retail stores.

According to Davis, the store’s success and following, through one of the toughest economies in years, is due to the small team of enthusiasts he employs, the team’s internet and social networking know-how, and store displays that, mainly due to the talents of Visual Merchandising, Showroom and Studio Designer Dawn Thompson, are always savvy, inspiring and ever-changing.

Davis states Groovy Scavenger’s business model has always being two-part.  Part one, operate unique retail venues that offer something special at a fraction of the price. Part two, expand that same brand model effectively, online. The key component to the model’s success, according to Davis, lies in solid, interactive, protected partnerships with manufactures and suppliers.

“Because of my background in both manufacturing and retail, I understand how important, and sensitive, it is to maintain the integrity of ‘the brand’ between manufacturers and their retail partners, discounters, and dot coms.” says Davis.

For this reason, the Groovy Scavenger/www.groovyscavenger.com recipe does not include mentioning brand names, unless the vendor partners agree to their being promoted, and products offered are strictly close-outs, overstocks, or clearance items.

Davis says the wildly successful year experienced in the small bricks and mortar Groovy Scavenger shop has proven the concept and it is now time to parlay the success into a considerable presence on the web.

The Groovy Scavenger site which dubs itself as featuring The Coolest Furniture Deals on the Planet! is live and has recently rolled its presence out to its nearly 4,000 customer database and its 1000+ Facebook fans, as well as shoppers that locate the site virally on the web. 

“Now,” states Davis, “it’s all about product and content! I’ve been on the manufacturing side and it’s crucial to move obsolete and overstocked products, but it’s something that often gets shuffled to the back-burner.  We’re continuously seeking out products and we need them NOW. Continually keeping enough, and continually keeping fresh, product is paramount and what makes the Groovy Scavenger/www.groovyscavenger model so attractive to shoppers.” 

Davis’ position of constantly keeping fresh, relevant content (product) is on-target with similarly fashioned flash sale sites, such as HauteLook or Eziba, who, are experiencing great success.  These models are plentiful in content, have a deep, interactive following, and a revolving door of product that moves quickly.
According to Davis, he and the company’s team, will be out actively seeking products and new relationships during the April High Point Furniture Market, and encourages mid to upper mid-tier vendors, manufacturers and suppliers across all product categories with interest to reach-out to him as soon as possible.

“We are anxious to establish new relationships across all sectors of the industry while we are all together in High Point for the show”, says Davis. ”Groovy Scavenger the store and the site, are evolving and improving at breakneck speed. The key to our success is access to the right goods at the right price.” Davis admits, “For all practical purposes, especially as it applies to our fledgling ecommerce initiatives, this is a start-up that will take time, patience and diligence to develop. That being said, we’re confident that we have something special here and invite key vendor partners to join us on the ground-level in anticipation of things to come.”

Founded in 2008 by owner and operator Jeff Davis, The Innovision Group, LLC, is a shopper focused, trend driven, home furnishings related company, who strives to create, and foster, successful retail concepts in the home furnishings sector by embracing best practices, innovation and strategic vision.
Corporate offices are based in Asheboro, NC. 

For more on groovyscavenger.com, The Innovision Group’s retail and online concept, visit www.groovyscavenger.com www.facebook.com/groovyasheboro and contact Jeff Davis via phone at 336.521.4908.

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