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Hickory Springs' HS Converting Facility Achieves AHFA Certification

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Hickory Springs, one of the nation’s largest integrated manufacturers and an international supplier of components for the furniture and bedding industries, announced that its HS Converting facility has been registered in The American Home Furnishings Alliance’s (AHFA) Enhancing Furniture's Environmental Culture (EFEC) program.
EFEC is the environmental management system developed by AHFA to help its members create and maintain a strong, proactive environmental practices.
AHFA-certified auditors submitted a final report to the EFEC Board of Examiners which approved the HS Converting facility for one year. All EFEC-registered facilities will undergo a simplified “maintenance audit” once a year. 
Located in Conover, NC, Hickory Springs’ HS Converting division stocks and distributes an extensive range of more than 6,000 supply items, including mattress ticking, webbing, polypropylene, non-woven fabrics, welt cord, polyflex edging, and extruded products. The HS Converting facility is the first Hickory Springs’ location to receive EFEC certification.
EFEC helps companies implement systems for tracking and improving energy consumption, water consumption, waste reduction and recycling. The initial benefit is monetary to the company with significantly reduced costs and, in some cases, new revenue from recycling. There is also an initial environmental benefit to the community in which our EFEC facilities operate, because they are using fewer resources and educating their employees/citizens about the benefits of recycling. The long-term benefit is a more efficient operation – and, of course, being a better environmental steward. 
The successful campaign to earn EFEC certification was spearheaded by a tremendous team of individuals, including Randy Waibel, Corporate Environmental Manager of Hickory Springs. Waibel was recently named as the newest member of The American Home Furnishings Alliance’s (AHFA) Enhancing Furniture's Environmental Culture (EFEC) Board of Examiners.

“We are proud of HS Converting, its management and its staff for earning this prestigious certification,” said Dwayne Welch, Hickory Springs’ Executive Vice President. “This recognition by the  AHFA’s EFEC Board is further proof that Hickory Springs is continuing to do the right thing — for our customers, for our industry and our environment.”  Additional facilities are also in the process of working towards EFEC certification.  “Our goal is to become EFEC registered at all furniture components related locations across the country.”
Hickory Springs developed and follows its own CSI program, a continuous-improvement process aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing waste, easing environmental impact and boosting workplace safety. The company continues to introduce innovative products like Preserve® foam, the first foam to incorporate a significant percentage of non-petroleum ingredients into its traditionally all-petroleum based formula, and other products such as the new EarthCare Inside line of eco-friendly components.
The company’s emphasis on environmental consciousness has become so far-reaching that it touches every aspect of Hickory Springs’ production processes and operations. For example, the company has decided to print all its new sales & promotion materials will on recycled paper. In addition recycled paper will be used for everything from copy paper to scrap paper note pads throughout the company.
One of North Carolina’s largest employers, Hickory Springs is a privately held company with more than 50 manufacturing plants in 16 states and China. Hickory Springs’ corporate headquarters is located in Hickory, North Carolina. In addition to its core furniture and bedding markets, Hickory Springs also serves a growing range of customers in the floor covering, construction, automotive, packaging, medical, marine and telecommunications industries.

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