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Eastman House of China Opens Two New Eastman House Showrooms

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Eastman House Showroom Quingdao

Beijing, China— Bedding Solutions Holdings (Eastman House of China) announced that it continues to expand with the opening of two new Eastman House showrooms.   One showroom is located in the Macauline Furniture Mall in eastern Beijing.  The largest of China’s premium furniture chain malls, Beijing is Macauline’s Flagship Mall.  The other is located in the north east China city of Qingdao.

Headed by Peter Yau (president), Bedding Solutions is positioning its showrooms and products to cater to the premium market segment of the bedding industry in China.    

Bedding Solutions opened its first Eastman House Showroom in October 2009, at the Hoba Furniture Mall in Shenzhen, China.  This was followed in 2010 with the opening of its second location at the B & Q franchise store in Beijing.  Since that time, Eastman House of China has expanded with two new showrooms in Beijing and one in Quingdao.

Mr. Yau’s plan for 2011 is to open a network of nine exclusive Eastman House showrooms by the end of the year.

Eastman House, originally the flagship line of the Chittenden and Eastman Company was founded in 1866.  Over the past 142 years, the company has developed the reputation of producing the highest quality mattresses with unrivaled comfort, support and durability.  In late 2007, Mattress Development Company (the parent company of Eclipse International) purchased Eastman House and began licensing the ultra premium brand to mattress manufacturers around the world. 

For comments, Mr. Yau can be contacted at+65 6760 0915 or on the web at  peterymk@yahoo.com

For additional information, please contact Mr. Stuart Carlitz at Eclipse International/Eastman House Headquarters at 800-634-8434 or by email at BedShop@aol.com.

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