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Furniture Forms Introduces Life-Sized Furniture Template Design Tools

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Furniture Forms Furniture Measuring Template

Furniture Forms announced the introduction of a new product designed to help retail furniture store customers navigate the room design process.

Adam Bass a New York based furniture retailer and President of Furniture Forms noticed the need for a product like Furniture Forms while serving customers in his store. "Ambitious customers are often faced with difficult tasks during their DIY home makeovers," he noted. 'While an amateur designer may be adept in searching through bins and choosing color schemes, their “eye for design” is often limited when it comes to sizing up furniture. The simple misjudgment of an inexperienced patron can result in incorrect measurements, frustration when items do not fit correctly, and eventual returns. Why should business owners go through this process when they can offer customers the very guidance needed to avoid furnishing mishaps?"

Furniture Forms are adjustable life-sized templates of common household furnishings which expand and contract to numerous lengths and widths, allowing purchasers to conceptualize the placement of specific furniture pieces within a room. Colorfully illustrated and simple to use, these new design tools generate a more insightful buyer, resulting in less no-fit situations, fewer product returns, and a cleaner, more streamlined and ultimately more enjoyable purchase. Adam Bass of Country-Tique Home Furnishings claims, “Sales of consumers debating over a piece increase 90% when we sell them Furniture Forms at out store.”

Furniture Forms provide easy to read, simple instructions for use.  An array of useful tips forbuying and arranging furniture pieces are also included on each form, which helps retailers

assist customers in selecting and actualizing their original design concept. No longer are purchasers hindered by the back-breaking hassle and inevitable property damage which results from constantly moving furniture in search of the perfect fit. Forms are available for a number of room schemes, including:

  • Dining Room
  • Upholstery
  • Bedroom
  • Baby Nursery
  • Home Office
  • Fitness & Recreational Rooms
  • Entertainment / Media Consoles
  • Outdoor Furniture & Kitchen Stations

Furniture Forms delivers a simple and easy solution to all furniture measuring woes. No longer are store owners faced with the frustration of customers attempting to return furnishings into ill-fitting spaces or the time-consuming drain of repeatedly measuring pieces for inexperienced customers. In an age where many consumers turn to the internet as a cheap and easy way to purchase furniture directly, this design tool is a practical preventative solution to aggravating inconsistencies and difficult online return policies. Indeed, Furniture Forms allow furniture retailers to empower their customers, one measurement at a time!

For more information about Furniture Forms, visit www.furnitureforms.com.


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