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IPSA Effort Helps To Repeal Colorado Bedding Law

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The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) announced that it was successful in defeating Colorado legislation that would have repealed the state’s bedding law. Had the law passed, Colorado consumers would not longer be protected from deceptive marketing, and fire and safety risks posed by unscrupulous mattresses renovators.

A bill was introduced late in Colorado’s legislative session to repeal the state’s current bedding law. The bill was approved in committee; however, the legislature adjourned without voting on the bill, killing it for the year. Consistent with ISPA’s efforts to promote strong used mattress laws in all states, ISPA opposed the legislation because it would have allowed used mattresses to be sold in the state without being sanitized or labeled properly.

“We’re relieved that the legislature decided not to roll back protections for mattress consumers,” noted Chris Hudgins, ISPA vice president of government affairs. “We hope in the future the state will not only retain this law, but will strengthen to protect consumers from health and safety concerns, including bed bugs.”

This year, ISPA began a new campaign advocating for new and tougher bedding laws in states throughout the country.  ISPA has supported legislation is state such as Florida, Tennessee, New York, and Connecticut.

Established in 1915, the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the growth, profitability and stature of the mattress industry.  As the industry’s trade organization, ISPA represents over 600 mattress manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

ISPA provides a wide range of services that benefit its membership.  These include exclusive industry surveys and statistics, advocacy support, educational offerings, the industry’s ISPA EXPO trade show, safety research through its Sleep Products Safety Council, consumer research and education through its Better Sleep Council, BedTimes and Sleep Savvy publications, the ISPAEarth™ Industry Sustainability Initiative, and more.

To learn more, visit www.sleepproducts.org or contact info@sleepproducts.org.

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