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Continents Apart Enters Strategic Partnership With Open Commerce

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Continents Apart, LLC,  http://continentsapart.com  “The first national rep group specializing in drop shipping for home, gift,  licensed sports and clothing products”  announced that it has come to terms with Open Commerce, developers of the Shippd Network http://www.shippd.com.

According to 31 year industry veteran CEO Steven Husak, “Continents Apart wanted to partner with Shippd’s growing network of retailers.  Their (Shippd’s) platform allows their members to increase revenue and reduce manual overhead while providing retailers with a robust platform to access product data, send real-time orders, and more.  Offering them our 20,000+ skus will be a big win for all involved.  In the meantime, our current and future clients can choose to work directly with us or through the Shippd platform.”

"Continents Apart is the clear leader in drop shipping done right.  With Shippd, retailers can now access all of Continents Apart’s lines through a single, web-based connection.   We are very excited to enter into a strategic partnership with Continents Apart, and to work with Steven and his team for many years to come," said Rodger Visitacion, Co-Founder and CEO of Shippd.

ABOUT Open Commerce: Based in San Diego, CA, Shippd is a platform for retailers to connect to all their suppliers with a single connection.

Drop shipping is a powerful channel, yet remains a very manual and time-intensive process.  Retailers and suppliers often rely on home-grown solutions based on spreadsheets for product data, and ongoing email and phone conversations just to exchange information or place an order.  When we built a drop ship program ourselves, we realized there was a better way to do things.
Benefits to retailers include:

Product Management.  Receive, manage, and customize product data across all suppliers with a single connection.
Integrates Easily.  Product data imported easily into your systems, and can be customized to your exact needs.
Order Management.  Send orders in real-time, track orders and shipments, and provide blind packing slips.
Collaboration.  Receive supplier materials, and share information with suppliers in one place.
Read more or sign up for a free account at:

ABOUT ContinentsApart, LLC: Based in Sarasota, FL, Continents Apart, LLC is an international, independent sales and consultancy that specializes in working with national and international accounts within the home furnishings, gift, fashion and licensed sports products space.  Our focus is on drop shipping channels. Our markets include online, catalog and TV retailers.  More information is available at http://continentsapart.com.

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