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Bush Business Furniture (BBF) Shows Furniture Dealers How To Tap Into $1 Billion Transactional Sales Market

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Bush Business Furniture (BBF) -- a global manufacturer of case goods office furniture and the commercial division of Bush Industries -- announced today it will showcase at NeoCon 2011 its transactional business capabilities and how furniture dealers can tap into a burgeoning $1 billion market.  Highlighting its unique value proposition for furniture dealers, BBF will display its office furniture lines and how they fit into four distinctive transactional market scenarios, including:  the remote office space, the office at home, the traditional small business, and the non-traditional small business. 

Since its rebranding as BBF a year ago, the division is growing to become a leading source of office furniture for the transactional market customer.  To support furniture dealers seeking to serve these customers and expand their revenue streams, BBF has increased its sales team to include additional independent sales representatives in geographic regions from coast-to-coast.  Recent additions include: Gd Brower Inc., Mackintosh Contract and Options Business Furniture, Inc.

"It's been nearly a year since we rebranded our commercial division as BBF, and in that short period of time, BBF clearly is establishing itself as a leader in serving the needs of the transactional customer," said Jim Sherbert, CEO of Bush Industries. "We offer tremendous value and facilitate the process for dealers who want to take advantage of transactional business without changing how they are doing business now." 

BBF will feature at NeoCon (7th Floor, Showroom #4102) how its product and service capabilities are designed to help dealers meet the changing needs of their customer base while remaining profitable.  BBF targets transactional customers in all business scenarios, ranging from the corporate employee working remotely and the entrepreneur launching a business from home to the small graphic design firm or other non-traditional business office.  The product lines BBF will display at the show include Momentum, Sector, Milano2, Quantum, Enterprise and Syndicate.  The service capabilities BBF will feature help dealers serve the transactional customer better with free space planning, fast shipping, co-branded marketing programs, aggressive showroom discount package and Bush's trademarked Install 360 program.

"BBF brings value to dealers through our service capabilities, which are unmatched in the industry and provide dealers the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams traditionally left to office superstores and others," said Mike Chefalo, Vice President of Product Management, Commercial Products for Bush Industries.  "Not only do we offer an extensive range of superior quality office furnishings, but we provide fast delivery and installation with our Install 360 program and complimentary space designing that enables designers to provide their customers with office furniture solutions that meet their space requirements and needs."   

BBF provides a broad scope of commercial grade products and services, which are aligned to the transactional requirements of all businesses, as well as specific market niches such as the serious office-at-home professional.  While BBF furniture is commercial quality, it is specifically designed to fit the shipping and installation needs of the transactional market by meeting standard ground shipping criteria, quick assembly, etc.  The company specializes in simplified ordering and fulfillment for smaller installations and immediate needs, appealing to furniture dealers who don't have the resources and infrastructure to support them.

BBF's NeoCon 2011 Showroom to Feature Customer Scenarios

To demonstrate the value BBF offers dealers, the company has designed this year's showroom at NeoCon to demonstrate how its products and services address four transactional customer scenarios:

Office@Home – The entrepreneur launching a business or the business consultant with an office at home typically has a limited budget, but needs high-quality furniture immediately for an office space that fits within their home environment.  They may need space design assistance and delivery and installation service.

The Remote Worker – The remote worker could be in a non-traditional office space away from a central business hub or a corporate employee who has been sent home to work due to an office closing or downsizing.  They also will have budget constraints, but still need dealer services, as well as deliver and installation for an atypical office environment.

Traditional Small Business – Most small businesses have fewer than 10 employees, but still require quality furniture with professional space planning and installation/delivery services.  It's a small order for some dealers, but where else can small businesses turn for the furnishing solutions they require?

Non-Traditional Small Business – The non-traditional small business can range from a graphic design firm to gaming developers.  They want contemporary furnishings that address their technology and collaboration needs.  But, they likely have a limited budget and unusual office space that requires dealer services.

BBF's comprehensive selection of furnishing solutions for the workplace span from its latest Momentum and Sector collections to its space-conscious Syndicate and Enterprise collections.  A broad spectrum of furniture sizes and styles are available, with finish options, base and leg details, and line extensions that make it easy to add-on pieces and expand to and within any office environment. All of BBF's products are tested to meet or exceed professional ANSI-BIFMA standards for safety and performance and are backed by a 10-year or limited lifetime warranty.  New products are continuously being developed and added as the market demands.

About Bush Industries, Inc.: Bush Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of case goods and ready-to-assemble furniture designed for office and home applications. The company operates two North American divisions – BBF and Bush Furniture – along with its Rohr division in Germany and its China operations. With a 50-year legacy built on quality, safety, reliability and durability, Bush Industries is the trusted leader in designing furnishing solutions that meet work and home needs. The company is headquartered in Jamestown, N.Y., with manufacturing and distribution facilities located in western New York, Pennsylvania, China and Germany. For more information, visit www.bbffits.com.

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