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Jason Pires To Tweet About Furniture, Branding & Trends At Las Vegas Market

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Jason Pires, president and creative director of Los Angeles based creative agency Furniture Branding announced that he is kicking off “#LVMPulse”, a social media initiative for the Las Vegas Market. Pires (@jason_pires) will be live-tweeting about furniture, branding and the latest trends and designs in the industry.

“I hope to bring fresh perspectives to the market” said Pires. “I intend to spotlight what different brands are coming up with to stay relevant in terms of marketing and products - keeping a finger on the Market’s pulse, so to speak.”

Pires will use this social platform to serve as a unique source of insight and engagement for industry professionals, especially independent retailers and designers.

“There is a generation gap in the way the industry perceives brands and there are still a lot of companies out there thinking that building a good brand is not important. I hope this effort will give this transition momentum”, adds Pires.

Pires’ tweets can be followed from Sunday, 31st July (Twitter handle @jason_pires), as he visits showrooms at the Las Vegas Market Center and fulfills appointments with various furniture brands.

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