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Video Interview With Bob Maricich Addresses Future of High Point & Las Vegas Shows

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Ellen Geffen announced the release of her recent interview with Bob Maricich the CEO of the newly formed company, International Market Centers (IMC), which owns real estate holdings focused on home and design industries in High Point, NC and Las Vegas, NV.

At a showroom in High Point Bob Maricich spoke about IMC and what the new Company’s plans are, what the “true story” is, how IMC will work in what was (and still is) two competitive trade shows.

According to this interview, IMC’s goal is to make the buying experience better for buyers and attract the right manufacturers and buyers to shop in a great environment. “I think there was a collective sigh of relief that there is no longer this brutal battle between High Point and Las Vegas and within High Point there was a battle between these buildings, as well, and it really detracted from the overall focus of having a better Market,” said Maricich.

Maricich also said that the Gift Industries is a growth strategy for Las Vegas and High Point is the Home of Home Furnishings.

Click Here to view the interview posted to the www.home.com website. 

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