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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #5 from Lance Hanish - Mobile First: What Are Customers Using & What Do They Want?

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As we live in a new DNAge, mobile is becoming THE ‘node in the digital multiverse’. It’s all about understanding what the customer wants.

In a new CNA PodZone survey, we find out what potential customers are using and what they want…now.

More than Seventy-Three (73.56%) percent of those surveyed own a smartphone. Five-one (51.33%) percent of the people who participated in the survey owned an iPhone. Twenty (20%) percent of the surveyed people want to buy a smartphone and of those, over Fifty-Three (53.34%) percent would want to buy an iPhone.

Now this is not a written infomercial for iPhone. But it does underscore the impressive view Apple has with prospective customers of smartphones. Their product is attractive and has become a leading brand within the entire mobile movement.

Back to the survey, as it revealed that a complete 100% (unheard of in nearly any study) said they would bring their mobile phone on vacation. This proves that mobile has become another of our appendages that we simply cannot do without.

What else can we learn about today’s mobile users? Well, Eighty-Four (84%) have their mobile phones turned on all of the time, even during recharging periods. All use their phones for SMS, while they are on holiday. During that time, Nearly Seventy-Five (74.78%) percent use their phones for calls; 51.34% use them to go online.

But of major importance, this survey found that ninety (90%) percent would like their content to bring them more knowledge. Over sixty-two (62.78%) percent of those surveyed would like their messages to be exciting and entertaining while over fortyfive (45.56%) percent would like to have location-based offers.

Perhaps that is the most important information to come out of this survey. Nearly half of those surveyed want location-based offers. To those potential customers of yours who are using mobile (that means reaching those with smartphones and tablets ie: iPads), give them what they want. They have told us they want locationbased information and call-to-action offers.

Now you know what they want.

If you are concerned about budget, use mobile. It will bring in those who want to buy now. Imagine, growing business once again. It is available for you to use today.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO of Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; facebook: Sophis1234; twitter: @Sophis1234; linkedin: Lance Hanish; YouTube: LBC Advertising.

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