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Furniture Wizard To Introduce Point Of Sale iPad App In High Point

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New iPad App From Furniture Wizard

The Furniture Wizard team announced that they will showcase a "lightning fast" iFurniture enabled iPad point-of-sale app this week at High Point that can be used with an optional Bluetooth wireless scanner.   

"Years ago Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and others were at the genesis of new technology," says Martin Fischbein, founder and president of Furniture Wizard.  "Most industries welcomed, embraced, and incorporated the myriad of new, custom designed software solutions that have resulted in greater efficiency and profit.  Unfortunately, some parts of the furniture industry were not able or willing to take advantage of the technology.  Our goal has always been and still is to create intelligent software solutions that any store is able to afford.

“We wanted to create a solution that can contain a retailer’s entire inventory along with any vendor’s catalogs that they choose in a way that is available and reliable without the internet,” continues Fischbein. "Most mobile solutions on the market are connecting to the web, accessing cloud based solutions in order to attain information.  This results in slow or limited access based on internet connectivity." 

“Technology needs to be embraced by our industry to make the selling experience more personal, not less,” adds Evan Faller, Business Development Officer at Furniture Wizard.  "With UPC and QR codes now flooding retail showrooms, we must give our sales associates the upper hand by empowering them with tools to access information.  With this application the associates can stay with the customer instead of running to catalog stations for photography or searching for a computer terminal to check stock availability.  If a picture is worth a thousand words what would twenty five suppliers with thousands of items each and inter-related items be worth in a 1.3 lb. tablet?"   

The application gives retailers access to more information during the sale so associates will be able to offer their customers more suggestions, thereby upsizing average sale. I wll also increase the efficiency because individual sales associates will be able to serve more customers at a greater specified level of service in less time.   

The application has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with Furniture Wizard software.  The developers will soon release an API for this application which will allow retailers that do not use Furniture Wizard to integrate with their existing point-of-sale application.  Also, suppliers using a variety of manufacturing software solutions will be able to empower their sales force in the field without having to create their own mobile solution from the ground up, saving time, money and frustration. 

For a demo visit the Retail Resource Center in the Plaza Suites booth #42. 

About Furniture Wizard: Furniture Wizard is a privately held company serving home furnishing retailers with market-leading point-of-sale software and Web solutions. It serves more than 2,000 retail stores across the globe with easy-to-use, powerful and flexible technology. For more information about Furniture Wizard or to request a system demonstration, call 619-869-7200 or email sales@furniturewizard.com.  Information can also be found at www.furniturewizard.com.



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