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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #6 from Lance Hanish - Mobile First: "The Year of Giving Something Special"

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Although total spending for consumers, some suggest, will be down this coming holiday season, affluent consumers are planning to spend more of their budget on their friends and families. In fact, according to Harrison Group/American Express Publishing survey, as reported in Luxury Daily by Rachel Lamb, 84% of consumers said that they are determined to make this holiday season great for their families.

More to the point, of the more affluent consumers, 69% said that they want to buy gifts that have lasting, enduring value for their loved ones. Key point is that the gift this year has to have value.

This data is consistent with that from other studies that claiming the affluent family is emerging as the new market for luxury brands since children greatly influence their parents buying habits. Brands that are chasing the affluent populations are focusing on reaching them through digital platforms. This year, online shopping will boom. 71% of affluent consumers said that online is more convenient and 53% believe that they can find better prices online, according to the study. 37% plan to do more of their gift shopping online than in stores, while 24% say that there will be an even split.

This positions mobile in a breakout environment. Location based advertising must be in our clients campaigns.

While 92% of retail sales are still made in-store, mobile has become an ideal platform to capture shoppers with location-based deals and offers. Hyperlocal advertising will be a trend to watch in the coming months for marketers.  Mobile features that give consumers the nearest retail location will continue to be a growing trend.

Too often in today’s business world, top executives rarely use new media to really communicate. There is a complete lack of urgency to respond by many; an inability to be able to use social networks by most; thus a disbelief in new media in general.

If the top dogs don’t believe in it, their companies cannot believe. It may be time to wake up! Grasp mobile and run with it today. It will generate sales.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO of Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; facebook: Sophis1234; twitter: @Sophis1234; linkedin: Lance Hanish; YouTube: LBC Advertising.

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