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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #11 from Lance Hanish - Mobile First: SMS Marketing Should Be Weapon Of Choice For Today’s Retailer

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Wilkus Engelbrecht wrote that today’s consumers are a lot more media wise than those of the past. As he stated, “Gone are the days when a simple advertising campaign would be far-reaching and appealing enough to drive all our prospect to a store.” The point, he makes is that people are looking for more authenticity with brands that share their values, simplify their lives and engage with them imeaningful communication.

Retailers that treat each customer as an individual are achieving results and this is where the mobile phone and bulk SMS marketing enters.

The adoption of bulk SMS marketing is a growing trend around the globe as consumer spending slows and retailers are forced to become more creative.

Over 6.1 trillion text messages were sent in 2010 worldwide, according to a report from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The ITU study found that when it comes to a preferred method of contact, 31% of adults would choose a text message, 51% would choose a voice call and 14% say it depends on the situation. 55% of heavy texters, those who exchange 50 messages or more a day, prefer texting to talking.

Bulk SMS messages can be targeted directly to the mobile phone of the user. It is capable of reaching 91% of the US population, with consumers on average opening 98% of text messages and responding directly to 26% of them.

There is no disputing the extraordinary reach and power of mobile marketing solutions. Today, people rarely go out without their mobile phone. Even at home, it’s usually within arm’s reach. A Pew Research Center study reported that 4 out of 5 young adults sleep with their phones on or near their beds and many said they never even turn their phones off. Mobile in short, is a tool for you to win with today.

Think MOBILEFirst.

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