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Guardsman® Launches New Sales Microsite to Help Retailers Easily Showcase Furniture Protection Plans

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Guardsman, a leader in furniture care for nearly 100 years with expertise, products and solutions to help revitalize, protect and restore furniture, has launched a new sales microsite for retailers built specifically for the iPad. The microsite serves as a new sales tool enabling retailers to become more resourceful given the “finger touch” access to information, as well as appeal to a younger generation of consumers who are very familiar with receiving news on a touch screen.

“Guardsman continues to deliver new services and sales tools for retailers with the goal of increasing brand awareness and sales,” said Stuart Graff, Guardsman Division Vice President -- Guardsman. “Our new microsite addresses the need for better access to information, from sample plans, to tear sheets, before and after photos, and Guardsman’s online claim form, allowing retailers to better educate customers about our quality services and protection plans."

Omaha-based retailer, Nebraska Furniture Mart, is the first retailer to gain access to the microsite and successfully use the new tool. Rodney Rahl, General Sales Manager from Nebraska Furniture Mart said, “The new microsite has been extremely helpful for our sales team. It’s quick and easy for them to get information about the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans and share it with their customers. Also, it’s created a more enjoyable sales experience since everything is done on the iPad …all the information you may need is on one screen!”

Using their iPads, the microsite allows retailers to be more efficient given the easy access to information on Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans and the overall brand portfolio.  Retailers that have iPads on the sales floor now have the sales support materials right at their fingertips; the microsite provides instant information about Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans.

Retailers can also use the microsite to present dramatic “before and after” photos that showcase the scope of damage that has been repaired by Guardsman technicians via a Furniture Protection Plan. The site shares detailed information about the different plans sold in-store and demonstrates the effectiveness of how Guardsman technicians can help restore and repair their furniture. The visual impact of these photographs, as well as the capabilities of the microsite, is expected to help increase sales of the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans.

“We want to arm our retailers with the latest tools to communicate the level of protection our Furniture Protection Plans provide and give them a more exciting way to sell furniture care,” stated Graff. “Digital technology has shaped the younger generation to be more visual and up-to-date with the latest news, so there’s no better way to communicate all Guardsman has to offer than to use the microsite which features compelling images and quick access to pertinent information. It’s a great way to interact with the 21st century consumer”

Access to the iPad microsite is free and available to all Guardsman retailers nationwide. Retailers interested in using the microsite can contact their local Guardsman sales representative for more details on how to get the microsite set up at their stores.

For more information about Guardsman, visit www.guardsman.com.

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