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The Guildmaster Amazing Race Winners Announced

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Rep winner Christie Blevins & retail winner O.P. Jenkins

GuildMaster announced that a retailer and a sales representative have each won two tickets for a dream trip around the world visiting nine cities or $10,000.  

More than 520 companies and 97 percent of GuildMaster’s sales reps took part in the "Amazing Race" competition with more than 2,600 entries.
The retail winners are Terry and Meg Troutman from O.P. Jenkins in Knoxville, Tenn. The fourth-generation furniture store has been a fixture in the heart of downtown Knoxville for more than 140 years. GuildMaster CEO Steve Crowder delivered the news in person amid great fanfare.
“When we walked out of the store and saw Steve walking up in a tux on a red carpet with roses and a giant check we were amazed,” says Meg Troutman, O.P. Jenkins owner. “It was a fun contest, obviously with a great reward for us as the winners. We do plan to travel at some point, but for now, we plan to use the prize money to continue to preserve the charm of our store that’s been a fixture in downtown Knoxville for more than a century.”
 The winning sales rep, Christie Blevins from Ft. Worth, TX was announced on Tuesday. 
 “I can’t believe I won,” says Blevins. “I’m planning to travel with my husband and two sons to Italy. I have a big birthday coming up next year and this is the perfect opportunity for me to spend time with my family and celebrate my blessings. I am truly grateful to have won.”  
The contest was launched Sept. 6, concluding on Nov. 18. Each $1,000 in product purchased by a retailer or sold by a sales representative earned one entry in the contest.
“Sometimes, the competition was intense. We were pleased with the response,” says Crowder. “We were encouraged by the excitement that the race generated over the past several months among both our retailers and sales reps.”
To identify the favorite cities, GuildMaster asked its Facebook fans to name their chosen cities and post photos on
www.facebook.com/guildmasterfurniture. The leading cities were: Sydney, Barcelona, Rome, Moscow, Monaco, Amsterdam, Milan and Buenos Aires.
This is the third time GuildMaster has gone on tour, so to speak. In 2009, CEO Steve Crowder met face to face with more than 100 retailers for the inaugural GuildMaster on Tour. In 2010, the second tour recognized the most outstanding retail displays across the U.S. and supported the favorite charities of the winning dealers.
“Now, we’re working to come up with our next fun, innovative idea,” says Crowder. “GuildMaster is known for setting the bar high and doing things a little differently. Brainstorming about the next great GuildMaster on Tour adventure has already begun.”
About GuildMaster:
GuildMaster home furnishings make an artistic statement that is casually elegant with a touch of whimsy. Substantially scaled designs combine casual and formal elements that define GuildMaster furniture, wall art, accessories and lighting creations. Using authentic, Old World techniques, 400 master craftsmen sculpt, carve, distress and paint solid mahogany and other high quality hardwoods to create uniquely handcrafted home accents.
A vertically integrated design, sourcing and logistics model enables GuildMaster to quickly identify trends and develop one-of-a-kind, made-to-order products that provide surprising value. This marriage of artful furnishings with the science of a functioning supply chain allows customers to offer distinctive products while minimizing inventories. Established in 1983, GuildMaster Inc. is committed to creating the finest home furnishings for interior designers and medium to upper-medium retailers across the U.S.  For further information, visit

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