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Jersey Shore Steel Offers Furniture and Mattress Retailers a Truly “Green Steel” Story

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Jersey Shore Steel of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania reported that it is giving retailers who sell furniture  and mattresses a “green” story to tell while also providing a superior steel “angle” for bed rail, bed bases and motion furniture frames.

Bed and furniture marketers would be surprised to learn that their motion and sectional furniture and mattress frames can be made with extremely strong – both high tensile and high yield strength – light weight, performance-tested and truly "green" steel. These environmentally-friendly steel frames are made of rail steel produced in the United States by a steel mill that actually has a documented "negative carbon foot print" – a mill that may be, by expert account, the "greenest" steel mill in the world.

Many furniture and mattress /bedding retailers would like to tell an “eco-friendly” story as long as they do not have to sacrifice quality of goods or pay more for the product from their manufacturers. Using an eco-friendly product does not have to mean “more expensive”. “They can do right by their bottom line, as well as their customers and their community,” says Jersey Steel Vice President Tom Tillman.
What does green steel from Jersey Shore Steel do for my business?

Retailers can take comfort that they are not only selling recliners, sectionals, motion furniture and mattress support systems of superior quality, but they are offering a truly proven and documented “green” product to customers. The rail steel manufactured by Jersey Shore Steel from high-carbon, recycled railroad T-rail has unique strength characteristics and numerous benefits. T-rail is heated and re-rolled to form angle, in the process making the steel even stronger. This makes for an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. For the furniture and mattress industry, with today’s heavy sectional and motion furniture and mattress sets, this strength is essential. Other types of steel can allow excessive twisting and bowing and can permanently bend, over time.  And not providing proper stability to a living room sectional, motion furniture or a mattress/ boxspring set can cause premature failure or affect warranty coverage. Nothing is more distressing to a retailer than a return due to product construction failure.

Where other steel products require a heavier gauge, JSS rail steel provides higher performance and dependability with less material and yields more pieces per ton. This translates into economy of design for customer products, greater convenience, and lower production costs for material handling, inventory, and freight. This translates into lower costs for the furniture retailer. These savings are reflected throughout the entire manufacturing, marketing and sales chain all the way to the residential customer.

Negative Carbon Footprint …third party verification

Jersey Shore Steel began the process of converting their mill to operate  on Land Fill Gas  (methane)  ten years ago, putting it well on the way to producing a “green” product. Completing that process together with a host of other environmentally responsible practices led the company to seek verification of its progress. Early in 2011, Jersey Shore Steel asked scientists at Pennsylvania State University to evaluate the company, Just how “green” is JSS?

In a rigorous process, the Penn State experts found that the rolling mill has, in fact, a negative carbon footprint. PSU also found that rail steel from Jersey Shore Steel contains the lowest embodied energy of any steel on the market today. In addition, the study found that Jersey Shore Steel’s product competes ecologically for embodied energy with other materials – including wood – making it the truly green choice for both strength and sustainability. Industry customers get the added benefit of significant LEED credits when specifying Jersey Shore Steel for green building and furnishing installations.

"We are very much in favor of not only providing superior quality angle steel for furniture and bed frames, but also offering the bedding and furniture industry the most environmentally responsible product possible. Rail steel used in JSS angle represents recycling at its finest,” says Thomas Tillman, JSS VP Sales.

For more information, contact Jersey Shore Steel at www.jssteel.com or email: sales@jssteel.com.


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