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Asian Art Imports Presents New Product Intros At Three Shows In January

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Handcrafted Sheep Head From Asian Art Imports

Asian Art Imports, known for its’ line of organic contemporary décor is expanding a line of animals initially introduced at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2011.

The line has been expanded to include horses, owls, fish, porcupine, sheep, reindeer, and moose among others. The pieces are all hand made with each piece possessing its’ own distinct character. The scale spans eight inches tall to six feet tall. A new line of  full size animal heads has been added to the line.

“We initially saw a man selling small elephants and horses to tourists on a blanket in a  market in Thailand. I spoke to him and liked his character, creative spirit and whimsical approach in creating the pieces. We asked if he was interested in making larger pieces and he said he’d try. My wife Pat and I like every piece he’s created. He’s a one man operation and we’re keeping him busy.” Wally Stryk owner of Asian Art Imports.

The line has appealed to leading contemporary designers as well as animal lovers.

Art Imports will be exhibit at the California Gift Show in Kentia Hall, January 20-23rd, space 832 ; the New York International Gift Fair in Pier 94, January 28- February 1st, space 41055-57: and the Las Vegas Market in building C 4th floor, January 30-February 3rd,  space C-0499-11.  The new pieces can be viewed at www.asianartimports.com.

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