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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #15 from Lance Hanish - With Mobile You Can Reach The Target Audience Now

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For the first time in history, since the days of the town crier, you can reach your target audience now.

As we have pointed out numerous times, mobile is our new appendage. It is with us constantly. In fact, people would rather sleep on a rock than give up their mobile.

Mobile clearly is important to us. It makes us ‘connected’.

That is important today…being connected. Our mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, is our link to what is happening now. It is our lifeline to our social media contacts. We are now ‘in the know’.

Mobile makes it easy for advertisers to reach their target audience…now, when they are at home…when they are shopping.

To do this, you have to plan your mobile strategies. You have to identify your target audience and figure out how you want to engage with them. You have to be dedicated to deliver not just one but several mobile tactics that work in unison with one another to provide a true mobile presence.

It should be part of your integrated marketing plan, working in concert with your other passive media efforts.

Remember, mobile is proactive. You are able to reach your target audience now by
putting your message in front of them, sort of like a passing billboard on the highway of life. If Burma
Shave of the ‘50s were doing their marketing today, they would be posting a text message to you on this passageway of your daily activity.

As an active part of your overall marketing campaign, mobile is the engagement vehicle you need to use. You can reach your target audience NOW.

Mobile in short, is a tool for you to win with today.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO and Chief of Imagination at Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; facebook: Sophis1234; twitter: @Sophis1234; linkedin: Lance Hanish; YouTube: LBC Advertising

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