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IFRA Joins IHFRA - New Chapter of Juvenile Furnishings Sales Reps

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The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association announced the addition of The Infant Furnishings Representatives Association as a chapter member, adding 101 members to the current member base of over 3,000. IHFRA Chairman Barry Wax CHR, finds the association a perfect match. "In a meeting with IFRA President Jerry Jones, it became evident that the synergy between the two organizations was dynamic. It made perfect sense to combine our efforts and provide IFRA with sales training and legislative advocacy." Wile the organizations will keep their separate identities and offices, they have the opportunity to share several components. "Extending IHFRA's membership to IFRA answered their needs for access to a more developed member service program and IHFRA's need for a secondary avenue for prospective membership," commented IHFRA President Bob Bruns, CHR. Founded over 20 years ago, IFRA is based in Columbus, Ohio, and serves the needs of independent Juvenile furnishings sales representatives in the US and Canada.

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