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Wallis Kraham: New Chief Retail & Systems Advisor USA Baby

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USA BABY, a leading specialty retailer of infant and children’s furniture and accessories, has recently signed an agreement with Mrs. Wallis Kraham to fill their newly created Chief Retail & Systems Advisor position. Mrs. Kraham will support the 70 stores through the U.S. and Mexico. Her responsibilities will include designing and teaching a variety of systems and procedures that will allow USA BABY franchise owners to increase sales and profits, while building world-class customer relations. Wallis Kraham is no stranger to USA BABY. She and her husband were the owners of two successful USA BABY franchises in Johnson City and Syracuse, New York, totaling nearly 15 years of experience in this business. She knows what it takes to develop a successful business from ground zero, and believes that she can coach other franchisees who can gain from her own knowledge and practice. Having learned the keys to succeeding on a shoestring budget, she can help others in the business successfully overcome the initial hurdles of starting any new business, and specifically, a new USA BABY store. Mrs. Kraham says, “I know what it was like in those early years – it was tough. I was the one who stayed up late at night, wondering if I was going to be able to pay the bills. There was a great responsibility resting on my shoulders. I did my best to handle it, and sometimes I was able to handle it well.” She added, “What I say, I say from experience. I know what it takes to build a successful business from scratch, and I believe that there are lessons that other franchises can learn from my life.” Some of the areas that Mrs. Kraham will address include: developing a good buying philosophy, improving overall profitability, managing freight costs, utilizing shower registries, and implementing practical store training for all facets of the business. To facilitate these necessary building blocks for the retail outlets, she will travel to, and participate in, a variety of group-oriented meetings held at USA BABY Corporate offices or other locations. She will also conduct various one-on-one coaching sessions held at the 70 store locations and new stores as they open. The addition of Mrs. Kraham to USA BABY represents one more positive step that America’s number one specialty retailer, specializing in infant and children’s and accessories, is taking to ensure the success of their franchisees. For store information, call the USA BABY headquarters at (800) 323?4108, or visit USABABY.com.

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