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2005 Natuzzi Collection Introduced in Cologne

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Natuzzi, the largest Italian furniture company and leader in the leather sofa sector is setting new standards for coordinated living rooms. The new 2005 collection presented in Cologne features three themes: Urban Feel, Casual Esprit and Vintage mood. Each of these worlds offers a different approach to furnishing your living room, with design, colors and materials designed to offer high quality, practicality and style to all. The new proposals were designed in the Group’s Style Center in Santeramo in Colle (Bari). They are all inspired by Pasquale Natuzzi’s vision of style, neatly summed up by the slogan “It’s how you live”. Every day the Natuzzi design team works hard to develop new forms, materials and colors, creating new, beautifully coordinated sofas, armchairs and furniture accessories. Because for Natuzzi innovating does not just mean top quality design and production craftsmanship, but also the ability to offer a world of ideas and combinations that gives everyone the opportunity to furnish their home according to their own style. Casual Esprit: Steeped in Mediterranean culture and colors, this style is all about comfort and practicality, and is perfect for freetime and socializing. It sits well in a room that is bright, welcoming and relaxing, and is ideal for a comfortable, functional house where the mood is friendly and informal. A nest, a niche, a refuge, a place for silence and meditation, steeped in a good dose of Mediterranean culture and charm. Mixed linen and chenille dominate this lifestyle in all its aspects and tone on tone is thoroughly explored, offering a sensation of relaxation and comfort. The colors are light and bright with shades inspired by nature. Urban Feel: The style is predominantly eclectic and metropolitan, with a decidedly masculine feel: cosmopolitan, sophisticated, cultured and refined. Designed for spacious urban homes capable of housing large, elegant pieces of furniture. The designs feature architectural lines and carefully selected materials. Impressive, exclusive materials are also used for accessories, such as shaggy rugs and banana leaf mats. Color contrasts are all the rage and are inspired by traditional drapery and wool colors: reds that alternate from vivacious and intense shades to darker hues. There is no shortage of neutral tones, from ivory to black, with a nod too to the warm ranges of leather and brown. Vintage Mood: For the first time Natuzzi presents its Vintage world in its entirety in Cologne. The style is characterized and inspired by features that have a timeless look. Accessories, objects and tables reflect this style’s total look. A classic look revisited and interpreted according to Natuzzi’s fresh, not traditional, style. It is “transitional”, clean, not countrified: the pleasure of living surrounded by memories and objects that have their own passion, handed down from generation to generation, or bought at antiques markets. The Vintage world belongs to historical homes, where the house and the objects it contains are testament to the passing of time. The Vintage style proposes pickled wood, aged leathers, stone-washed jute cloth, flowers, squares and stripes; in particular washed velvets, pull-up leather (which becomes lighter when stretched), waxed and oiled leather and distressed leather. The colors explore all types of browns, purples and taupes for a classically stylish home. They may be coordinated, striped or plain. Brown, burgundy, turtledove and cherry dominate. Also proposed are the warm colors of the earth and orange-browns, such as tobacco and cognac. Every Natuzzi product has the indelible mark of being an affordable Italian-made product. From the tanning of the hides to the production of the frames and the linings, from the cut of the covers to the sewing: everything is produced in the Group’s 11 Italian plants to guarantee the manufacturing quality and attention to detail that typically characterizes Italian style. Affordability is the result of an efficient production process that optimizes the use of resources to help achieve a fair price. This is how Natuzzi has overcome the challenge of making products that have high aesthetic and qualitative value affordable to everyone.